After much debating (with myself oddly) I decided to take the plunge and pick up a team for Guild Ball. I originally wanted to play the Fisherman’s Guild but the sculpt for the Captain is really oddly posed and it killed the idea of playing them for me. Next up was the Butcher’s Guild but the store didn’t have their Mascot in stock and I wanted to pick up a full team in one swoop. Finally I settled on the Engineer’s Guild. Its not really a bad choice for me as the team has a lot of interesting combos and some interesting minis.

The figures are all metal and clearly 3D designed. The models have cuts between the various pieces that don’t look man-made and are more akin to GW plastic figures. The minis are also gorgeous with crisp details and almost no mould lines. I was actually surprised by how well they looked as most of the painted samples I have seen have not really done the figures justice and made them all look a bit plain.

Guild Ball figures
Guild Ball figures

Everything went together quite well with the exception of Hoist. The tab on the miniature was so small that I needed to put green stuff into the slot before gluing it to make sure that it held properly. I also did the same on the left lower leg of hoist which had no connection point so required some green stuff to ensure a solid bond. Most of the figures had very well defined, and large, connection points but the female figures are much smaller and are more akin to the old Confrontation metal figures.

I picked up enough figures to do a full team (Ratchet, Mainspring, Hoist and Colossus) and also picked up the Union starter so I could do some demos and also use Cutter and Decimate in my team as they will both play for the Engineers. I’ll be adding them to the painting schedule and try to get to them as soon as I finish the Shroud Mage ships I am currently working on.