Impact of Armor on results in Guild Ball

One of the more important aspects of Guild Ball is determining how many hits you can expect to get based on the number of dice, TN and Armour. I took a few minutes to put together some tables that determined the average number of hits and then factored in Armour. I have taken some liberties with the values and determined that anything less than 0.5 hits is a zero result. Results have been rounded up by the software to have no decimal points.

No Armour

What was really interesting, from my perspective, was the significant shift that Armour gave to the results.

Armour 1

Its clear why most high DEF players usually don’t have access to Armour. A DEF 6 player with Armour 1 is almost untouchable. In odd circumstances some players can get Armour 2 and this helps even average DEF players to stop most Hits.

Armour 2


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