2018 Paint List

In lieu of updating my To-do list I’ve decided to just keep track of what I have painted this year. This 2018 list starts about mid-way through the year.

Age of Sigmar

5 Orruk Brutes with Brute Choppas
5 Orruk Brutes with Gore-Hacka
Orruk Warchanter
Orruk Wierdnob Shaman
Orruk Megaboss

5 Stormcast Eternal Liberators
2 Celestar Ballistas
4 Celestar Ballista crew
Knight Incantor

Chronomantic Cogs
Quicksilver Swords
Balefire Vortex
Umbral Spellportal
Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws

Test of Honour

4 Spearmen and base
4 Archers and base
4 Musketmen and base
3 Bandits and base
3 Monk Archers and base
3 Monks with Nagatanas and base
3 Samurai
1 Banner Bearer

Gates of Antares

20 Ghar Rebel Black Guard
3 Ghar Rebel Command
Ghar Rebel Bomber Squad with two models
Ghar Rebel Battle Squad with three models
Ghar Rebel Creeper
6 Ghar Rebel Flitter Bombs
6 Ghar Rebel Flitters
Ghar Rebel Mag Light Support Gun with two crew
Ghar Rebel Quad Support Gun with two crew
Ghar Ammo Scutter
Ghar Rebel Attack Crawler

Isorian Phase Squad Command
3 x Isorian Phase Squad
2 x Tsan Ra Torus Squad
Phase Squad X-Launcher Team
8 x Buddy Drones
Andhak SC2 medium support drone with PLS
Phase Sniper
Tograh MV2 Transport
Mahran Vesh Combat Drone

Virai Tertiary Instance
Virai Secondary Instance
2 x Virai Bodyguard Drones




Forge Fathers Iron Ancestor
23 Forge Father Infantry


12 Carolingian Levy with javelins