2018 Paint List

In lieu of updating my To-do list I’ve decided to just keep track of what I have painted this year. This 2018 list starts about mid-way through the year.

Age of Sigmar

5 Orruk Brutes with Brute Choppas
5 Orruk Brutes with Gore-Hacka
Orruk Warchanter
Orruk Wierdnob Shaman
Orruk Megaboss

5 Stormcast Eternal Liberators
2 Celestar Ballistas
Knight Incantor

Chronomantic Cogs
Quicksilver Swords
Balefire Vortex
Umbral Spellportal
Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws

Test of Honour

4 Spearmen and base
4 Archers and base
4 Musketmen and base
3 Bandits and base
3 Monk Archers and base
3 Monks with Nagatanas and base
3 Samurai
1 Banner Bearer

Gates of Antares

20 Ghar Rebel Black Guard
3 Ghar Rebel Command
Ghar Rebel Bomber Squad with two models
Ghar Rebel Battle Squad with three models
Ghar Rebel Creeper
6 Ghar Rebel Flitter Bombs
6 Ghar Rebel Flitters
Ghar Rebel Mag Light Support Gun with two crew
Ghar Rebel Quad Support Gun with two crew
Ghar Ammo Scutter

Isorian Phase Squad Command
2 x Isorian Phase Squad
2 x Tsan Ra Torus Squad
Phase Squad X-Launcher Team
8 x Buddy Drones
Andhak SC2 medium support drone with PLS
Phase Sniper
Tograh MV2 Transport




Forge Fathers Iron Ancestor
23 Forge Father Infantry


12 Carolingian Levy with javelins


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