I recently made the decision to delete my Facebook account. I have been unhappy with the service for some time and a recent break from using it proved that I was actually happier not being on it. Far fewer arguments for one thing. In previous years there were quite a few local forums that one could visit to keep in touch with gamers but in the last few years all of them, without exception, have closed and moved to Facebook. So the entire local gaming scene is now on Facebook and if you aren’t then… well you’re SOL.

Its an odd thing to do considering just how bad Facebook is at threaded conversations, or conversations at all, and also how poorly it is at providing information that you want. Facebook pushes information into your feed based on how likely it thinks that you will engage with it. And engagement isn’t necessarily a positive thing. If a post is liable to make you mad and get you to post a negative comment that is just as good for Facebook but maybe not as good for you.

The end result of this move away from Facebook for me is that I am effectively blocked out of any direct communication with local gamers. And not just them. Many game companies also post material either to Facebook first or sometimes exclusively to Facebook. For many communities Facebook has replaced the internet. So if you’re not on Facebook you are not in the community. Facebook loves to talk about bringing communities together but if that information is hidden behind Facebook’s own walls then its less about bringing a community together than walling off a community.