Buying into samurai

There are times when I think that I have a problem. That issue is exemplified by the large pile of 28mm Samurai miniatures that currently sit in the huge pile of unassembled and unpainted figures next to my painting table. The store I work at us doing a demo of Test of Honour from Warlord Games. I had seen the game on the shelves and didn’t really pay a lot of attention to it but decided to check out a video or two to see how it played. Inevitably I end up at Beasts of War and this time was no exception as they had a video with one of the staff from Warlord.

I was hooked. I like the idea of the activation system, the additional actions that the samurai get as well as the skill cards and the indeterminate turn length. I picked up a copy of the game the next day.

One thing that isn’t immediately apparent is that the plastic figures are old Wargames Factory samurai miniatures. They are multi-part plastics that are a bit of a PITA to assemble and really take a far steadier hand than mine to build. The quality of the figures is overcome by the sheer number of them. The boxed set comes with 40 figures and once you have picked up a few expansion boxes you quickly have a veritable horde of 25/28mm Japanese soldiers.

I would complain about the quality a bit more if I really thought that I was able to paint them to any significant level. I won’t be and so the softer details in the minis really don’t matter that much. Warlord also sells a set of metal figures for the game

I have already assembled a 24pt warband and have some additional figures acquired that I will use to build a villainous Ronin warband. If I like the game enough I may substitute the plastic samurai with some figures from the Perry Miniatures metal range. In any case it certainly seems as if it is a fun game that you can pull out for an evenings diversion.


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