I have been playing the odd game of Tanks, from GF9, from time to time with one of my coworkers. Its a fun game with not a heck of a lot depth and its a great excuse to paint some 15mm WWII tanks and build some terrain. The game is clearly inspired by X-Wing and its actually quite a bit of fun but its not really a realistic game and it currently has a fairly limited number of available vehicles. GF9 is coming out with new vehicles each quarter but its quite a bit different than playing other games that come with a full set of stats for the entire war.

So I have been looking for a new set of rules to use that provides a similarly fun and fast set of rules but with an expanded number of vehicles that I can use. I’ve already been buying new 15mm tanks (as my to-do list will testify to) but haven’t settled on a set yet. One main contender is the What a Tanker! rules from Too Fat Lardies. I picked up the PDF a few weeks ago but haven’t managed to sit down and give them a play yet.