So the first part of my Ghar army arrived last night and I have updated my to-do list with the first set of models that need to get finished for the 500pt list that I am doing.  The figures I ordered included a Ghar Rebel starter army and unlike any other forces I have purchased from Warlord before it was in a very small box. Part of the reason for this is because most of the army is metal. I can’t remember the last time I started an army that was almost entirely build from metal figures. Not only that but all of the Ghar Rebel infantry are single-piece models. Insanity!

There are three infantry squads in the army. Two of the Black Guard and one standard Rebel infantry unit. The Black Guard squad has ten distinct models in the unit so despite there being no modelling opportunities you get a very good range of models. The figures had very few mould lines and were quite easy to clean up. The two support weapons were a bit of trouble to put together but that might be because I have forgotten to how to build multi-part metal figures. The guns are on a smaller crawler base and each of the three legs needs to be pinned to the base of the gun. I suspect that they probably could have been assembled without pinning but it struck me as being a lot easier to do it that way.

I have ten more infantry models to clean and base and then it is time to start painting.