Starting to paint my Ghar Rebels

So I managed to get a start on the first 500 points of my Ghar Rebel army. I did a base coat with the Army Painter Medium Grey primer and then washed all the of armour and metal on the models with Nuln Oil. It looks exceptionally good on the Troopers. After that I did a quick dry brush across the armour and metal sections to provide a bit of detail. I don’t really have the time to paint in highlights on all those Rebel troops and I doubt that my joints would let me.

I will be adding a strip to the helmets of all of the troops so I can quickly identify each squad. I suspect that I will be using blue and green as my secondary colours and then adding some red or scarlet to the weapons.

It is odd using an army like the Ghar for a sci-fi game as they don’t have most of the ‘tech’ units that the other factions do.  No probes, no fancy weapons (other than Disruptors) and they are, due to the low-tech nature of their equipment, immune to special scramble ammo. Its almost like playing a 40K army. So despite all my talk about the great new features and options in the game I am playing a faction that doesn’t take advantage of almost all of them.

One issue I had with using the Ghar was that we had another Ghar player and I am not a fan of mirror matches. Happily the BGoA Xilos expansion has rules for Ghar Fifth Columnists. So if you are playing a Ghar Empire v. Rebels game you can use this option to represent Ghar Outcasts and other troops switching allegiance from the Empire force. Looking forward to trying it out.


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