Adding some colour to the Ghar

It has been a slightly busy week but I managed to get some more paint on my Ghar Rebel troops. The models are all wearing some sort of reptilian scales over their cloaks. I decided to do these in blue to fit into the blue undertone of the armour and the colours I drybrushed them with. The start date for the slow grow league has been announced (Facebook link) so I still have some time to at least get my troops done for the start of the league. Given how slowly and erratically I paint I thought it best if I got at least the troops done as they are the most numerous models in the force.

The lizard skin has been done with the Army Painter Magical Blue paint and then has had a few coats of the Guilliman Glaze from GW. The cloak and spider legs are base coated at this point and haven’t been shaded yet. I’ll be doing a wash and highlight on the cloaks next and then attempting to make those purple spider legs look scary.


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