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The Test of Honour demo day at The Sentry Box is Saturday so I have been working like a lunatic to finish my 24pt warband. I think I will manage to get all the figures done but I have to say this they have received probably the worst paint job I have done in decades. I’m an average painter at best but these miniatures have really suffered from my lack of focus (I blame my Ghar army) as well as from having some pretty soft detail.

Badly painted Samurai
Badly painted Samurai

The majority of the force are the ex Wargames Factory samurai figures. These are true 28mm plastic figures that are a real PITA to assemble with the added benefit of having some very shallow detail. I’d be more critical of them if they weren’t so inexpensive and plentiful.

The rest of the force are a set of metal Japanese warrior monks. They are actually not bad and have some decent detail on them. This didn’t save them from a rushed paint job though. While they are more attractive figures they are noticeably larger figures than the plastics so look slightly out of place next to the other figures.

Not that I really care. When I first saw Test of Honour I didn’t give it a second look as I really don’t have a lot of interest in Japanese miniature games. What I like about the game is the system itself and its a game that I think looks quite exciting. So I am painting some figures to play a system not necessarily to play a genre or historical era.

All that is left is to flock the bases and then touch up a few more details and then I should be ready for Saturday.


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