Paint table update

It has been a slow couple of days in terms of painting. I’ve been slowly working on two heroes for my AoS Ironjawz force and also assembling a Ghar Rebel Creeper for by Gates of Antare army.

I’m not totally happy with the two Ironjawz models and I think that the next time I paint a hero model I will do them singly and take a bit more time with them. I am adding some details to the shaman including some markings on his cloak to match the spotting in the magical smoke from his staff. I need to go over the ones on the cloak to make them a bit brighter so they pop more. I used a thinned coat of Vallejo Transparent Yellow to do the glow on the models but I think that it wasn’t thin enough. At least when it was applied to the skull and Warchanter Bones as it seems to look okay on the Shaman’s eyes. If I am putting it on a light colour I need to remember to make it thinner.

The Ghar Creeper is almost assembled and just needs to have a magnet added to allow me to swap out the weapon options. I had to add a bit of greenstuff to the model to fill some gaps where the metal wings attach to the front of the model as well as filling in a spot where the model has a banner pole. I don’t want the pole on this model so I filled it in. The Creeper body has some spots where the sculptor added some weapon damage to the body. It looks like a casting error when you first look at it though. If I was a bit better at using GS I would actually fill them in.

Once the Ironjawz are done I actually have some models for Test of Honour that I hope to get painted while I work on the Creeper.


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