Three Warlords: the first game part 2

Well that took longer to finish that I expected. We had some company visit for a few days and the the twins had a week long day-camp at the Y so we took longer to get back to the game than we expected. Funnily enough the game only lasted another turn so we could have actually pushed through and finished it last week.

Miss C. had the first turn of round three and quickly found that her Guardian of Souls was too far away to cast Spectral Lure on the Chainrasps to buff them up. The only thing she could do in her Hero Phase was to use the Knight’s Command Ability to give the Glaivewraith Stalkers an additional Attack.

During her Movement Phase she pushed everyone up to either get them in charge range or to put them close enough to cast some spells next turn. Holding back with her Spirit Torment and Guardian last turn was going to have a big impact this turn. Miss C. managed to get off a charge with the Glaivewraiths as well as the  Knight but sadly the Lord Executioner failed his (its?) charge and was left behind. The Glaivewraiths were moved first and attacked the Lord Arcanum. The Knight went off on his own and attempted to charge the Sequitors. I don’t think I need to tell you how that turns out. :-(

The Glaivewraiths actually almost managed to take out the Lord Arcanum in their first round of combat. Miss N. made a heck of a lot of Saves to keep him in the fight. The Reapers finally took the Ballista out of action but didn’t do any damage to the Knight Incantor. The Chainrasps did one more point of damage to the Evocator but between his four Attacks and the Castigators they were reduced to three models. In the Breakpoint Phase they were then reduced down to a single model. The Knight of Shrouds did nothing to the Sequitors and was cut down in return. Miss C. quickly learns that the cool looking model doesn’t necessarily have the stats to be a unit killer.

In her turn Miss N. uses Arcane Blast to take out the last Chainrasp and free up her Castigators. They move back to position themselves outside of an easy charge by the Chainrasps. The Sequitors move forward slightly to get in a good position to charge the Glaivewraiths. In the Shooting Phase the Castigators take out three Reapers. In the Charge Phase the Sequitors roll a 12 for their charge and totally surround the Glaivewraiths. Miss N. doesn’t appreciate how awesome a roll that was.

Between the Sequitors and the Lord Arcanum they manage to destroy the units of Glaivewraiths and we call the game there.

Everyone had a good time and we all managed to learn some more about the Phases, how Charges and Piling In works and how to be good sports even when we roll really poorly or out opponent rolls really well.

Next up for us is some painting and a 1000 point battle with our forces.


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