Gates of Antares: Ghar v. Concord

Another Sunday so that means another game of Beyond the Gates of Antares at The Sentry Box. Jeremy was down with his Concord force and I had my Ghar Rebels. We were playing a 750 point battle this week.

My Ghar Rebels
My Ghar Rebels

What is really amazing is that this is the first time in ages that I have been able to put down a fully painted force twice in a row. I’ve been lucky recently (thanks Michelle!) to have a bit of free time to do some painting so I’ve managed to keep on track and continue to use a painted army. Lets see how that works once we get to 1250 points though :-)

Jeremy expanded his force for the new point level and also tweaked it a bit. He removed the Plasma Light Support team and took two Medium Weapon Drones. Aside from that he had a Command Team and two C3 Squads. All of the squads had spotter drones and the Command Team had a Medi Drone.

I will say right away that the Spotter Drones are absolutely invaluable. He used them every time he fired and even though he didn’t have any OH units to take even more advantage of them, they came into play every turn. As a Ghar player I am insanely jealous. That said, I bought a pack of Flitters last week so they are going to get painted ASAP.

This was another learning game so the story of the game isn’t as important as what we learned. And what I learned is that I can’t make a Command Test to save my life. On the first turn I was the lucky recipient of the Distort dice and I cannily placed it on my Command Team.  They then spent the next three turns Down as I couldn’t recover.

Then my Bomber Squad failed a Command Test to Fire because of a Pin marker. Later on in the game I spent two activation dice from my Plasma Amplifier and failed both rolls because of a single Pin marker. In turn two I believe that I had three units that retained their Down dice. It was not a great day for me rolling less than 6. Except for the one Ghar Rebel Black Guard squad which managed to weather two turns of Plasma Carbine fire and only lose two models. How that happened I’ll never know.

I had a plan for our game and it went out the window half way through the first turn. Maybe it is some sort of universal rebalancing of die rolls as I was pretty lucky last week? Jeremy had much better luck except for one Weapon Drone that got hit by my Mag Light Support which was in Ambush. Even needing 3s, I rolled two hits and destroyed the drone with both shots.

The Quad Launcher didn’t Jam this game but that might have more to do with rolling low for the number of shots. I had a perfectly clear shot on a C3 squad and rolled a 1 for my D8 RF shots. It then got shot apart by the same squad. Oops. We even tried an assault. My heavily pinned Ghar Rebel Black Guard squad charged a C3 squad and did nothing except take out the Leader with a Lucky Hit. The Ghar were all destroyed as you would assume :-) This was mostly to test out the rules but also because if Jeremy had been able to fire he was going to break the Black Guard squad in any case.

So some horrific die rolling on my part but we learned some new rules, tried out some new things and got a better grasp of the game. Next time I might see if I can get some Flitters into the force. Anything to make my force more accurate.


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