What every battle report vlogger needs to know

I have been watching a lot of video battle reports lately. Well trying to watch them. Some videos are great but the majority are simply unwatchable. Most people who posts videos make a series of easily corrected mistakes that could easily increase their audience and make their videos much more watchable.

Buy a proper microphone

Its incredible how many videos are marred by tinny audio. And its equally incredible how inexpensive a microphone is nowadays. Its not an expensive solution and it makes it much easier for the audience to enjoy a video. It is the first thing I notice about a video and the #1 issue that will cause me to stop watching.

Quit recording at your local club

Even with a good mic or two its a wasted effort if your record in a space that has a lot of background noise. There are many free audio tools like Audacity that can post-process the audio and attempt to remove any background noise but the best way to remove it is to not have it there in the first place. Battle report videos require exposition and if the viewer can’t hear you properly then the video suffers.

A shaky camera makes for a shaky stomach

Now a steadicam is not as cheap as a microphone but its always good to remember that if you are using a hand-held video camera that excessive movements with your hand can potentially nauseate your audience. This isn’t as big a deal on a laptop or TV but it can be a significant problem on tablets or phones where the viewer is much closer to the screen.

Quit asking for money all the time

This might be a personal issue for me but I get put off by vloggers who make repeated requests for support. Get your request for support out of the way at the beginning of the video, add a link to your merch page and Patreon page in the description and then leave it at that. Support follows a professional and interesting product and increasing requests for support for the same mediocre product won’t help.

Keep it professional

No-one knows your inside jokes. Not everyone thinks that the term “fuck knights” is funny. People want to watch an interesting battle report and not jokes about your local meta or an improve standup set. Keep the commentary about the game, about the strategy and your game choices.



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