Painting update

So there has been an exuberance of painting here in the last few days. The family is away visiting the grandparents in Vernon and that means that it has been just me and the dogs for the last few days.

In this latest burst of painting I focused on some Endless Spells for Age of Sigmar, some Test of Honour figures and a vehicle for my Ghar Rebel force. everything has been done in my current “quick and dirty” style. The Ghar Rebel Creeper is a bit of a disappointment for me but I did learn some things and know what not to do the next time I tackle a vehicle that size. The Endless Spells were fun to do but the light tones on the flames and vortex turned out far grainier than I would have liked. I suspect this is why you see people suggesting that you drybrush with a light grey first and not just white. Another lesson learned. Still, it was a lot of fun and I know have all the Endless Spells I want to use with my Ironjawz.

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