What is coming next

So now that I cleared up some space on my painting table it is time to fill it with some new projects. First up is a 5 man unit of Stormcast Liberators. Just because. Actually it has more to do with Miss N painting her Stormcast figures. While I can look happily on while her sister paints Nighthaunt minis I appear to have a deep desire to paint my own Stormcast. So rather than bothering her I decided to pick up some of my own to do while she paints her collection.


There are some Ghar Attack Scutters and an Ammo Scutter that will be assembled and added to the paint queue as well.

Not pictured are the other figures that I assembled for the twins while they are away. Another unit of Banshees, a Cairn Wraith and a set of Dreadblade Harrows for Miss C and a Celestar Ballista, two Evocators, two Sequitors and two Castigators. I also built two Celestar Ballistas, five Evocators, three Castigators and five Sequitors for myself. Gotta love the smell of Tamiya glue.


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