750 pt Ghar Rebel versus Concord

Our Sunday cavalcade of Gates of Antares gaming continues with a 750 point game today. I actually brought a 1000 point list as well but Jerry and I were hoping that one of the other Ghar players was going to be there so Jerry only had a 750 point list. My Ghar Rebel Creeper will have to wait util next week. I did though get the opportunity to try out my newly painted Ghar Flitters.

My army consisted of

Ghar Rebel (Ghar Outcast Rebel)

Army Options

Army Options [10pts]: Extra Shot


Flitters [30pts]: 6x Flitter


Rebel Battle Squad [214pts]: 2x Ghar Trooper, Plasma Amplifiers
. Ghar Leader: Leader

Rebel Bomber Squad [147pts]: Ghar Bomb Trooper, Plasma Amplifiers
. Ghar Leader: Leader


Rebel Black Guard [102pts]: Micro-X Launcher, 9x Outcast Rebel, Plasma Lance
. Outcast Rebel Leader: Leader, Plasma Carbine

Rebel Black Guard [102pts]: Micro-X Launcher, 9x Outcast Rebel, Plasma Lance
. Outcast Rebel Leader: Leader, Plasma Carbine

Rebel Command Squad [79pts]: 2x Outcast Rebel, Plasma Grenades
. Ghar Outcast Rebel Commander: Leader

Rebel Mag Light Support Team [26pts]: 2x Outcast Crew

Total: [710pts]

I will need to check my printout but I appear to have been 40 points under. I suspect that I should have included the Quad Support Launcher instead of putting it away.

Jerry’s Concord force consisted of (to the best of my recollection)

Concord (Concord)


C3 Strike Command Squad [140pts]: Medi-Drone, Spotter Drone, 2x Strike Trooper
. Strike Commander: Leader Two

C3 Strike Squad [145pts]: Plasma Lance, Spotter Drone, 5x Strike Trooper
. Strike Leader: Leader One

C3 Strike Squad [145pts]: Plasma Lance, Spotter Drone, 5x Strike Trooper
. Strike Leader: Leader One

C3 Strike Squad [145pts]: Plasma Lance, Spotter Drone, 5x Strike Trooper
. Strike Leader: Leader One


C3 Strike Support Team [65pts]: All Ammo, Spotter Drone, 2x Strike Trooper Crew, X-Launcher

C3 Strike Support Team [85pts]: Plasma Cannon, Spotter Drone, 2x Strike Trooper Crew

Total: [725pts]

Jerry appears to have been 25 points under and also had an illegal additional Support Team.  Given that his Plasma Cannon team did almost no damage all game I can forgive him that small error. Jerry was under but he forgot a Batter Drone and his Support choice was legal.

The scenario was a five turn “take and hold” game. There were three buildings each with an objective on them. Whomever held the most at the end of the game was the winner. Simple enough. I assumed that the centre objective would be hotly contested but the scenario also gives the option for a strong push to try to take one of the flank objectives.

Jerry’s force was fairly standard with the addition of an X Launcher. Sadly the store hasn’t had them in earlier as they are simply the best weapon Jerry’s Concord have against my Battle Suits. Forget trying to blow them up. Just Pin them so they can’t activate. He did this to great effect.

I got first blood by hitting one of his Strike Teams with a very long range Disruptor Bomber shot.   I took out two models as well as doing the double Pin markers for the Disruptor weapon. This was the first and only shot the Bomber made all game. Jerry hit it with the X Launcher using Net ammo on the first turn and I was not able to get it to activate all game.

Jerry grabbed the first objective with a Strike and Command team and then pushed his two other teams towards the second. I started to move one Black Guard unit toward the third objective and held my second Black Guard unit behind some cargo pods to wait for Jerry to grab the middle objective. I assumed that if I moved to try to take it first that he would just rip me apart while I was in the open.

I pushed my Flitters up as far as they could go in the hopes of finding a good target for them. By turn three I was able to target two units and on turn four I had four within range of the Flitters. That was about when Jerry started shooting them down. I had them in groups of two so I could try to minimize the impact of their 50% success rate. As it was that worked well and I got to activate them every time I wanted to. The Flitters were primarily there to help with my Support teams but the Mag Light Support team didn’t really have a good target and was then removed from the game quite early. They mostly provided support for the Black Guard who were firing from the third objective. The net effect was to remove the Long Range penalty from their fire.

Jerry managed to get one of his Strike Teams onto the second objective but between the Black Guard unit and my Battle Squad I was able to remove enough troops that when he failed his Break test the unit just fled the field. At that point I was the only player with troops nearby to take it and the game hinged on my ability to get that Black Guard unit into or onto the building.

As is usual, I was the target of the Distort dice more often than Jerry was. I took it three of the five times and once again the dice stifled my Command Squad. Statistically speaking if it has no Pin markers then it should be the best target for the Distort Dice but once again I failed to recover the Down dice on it twice and the unit was ineffective the entire game.

Jerry’s Plasma Cannon took out one unit in my Battle Squad and delivered a Lucky Hit to it a second time but missed every other time it fired. This was mostly due to the Battle Squad spending half the game down. With my two Battle Suit squads disabled for most of the entire game I had to rely on my Black Guard units which were actually not too bad. I treated them as if they were made of glass and hid them whenever I could so that helped but once I got them into range to fire they did a considerable amount of damage.

With the Spotter Drones and X Launcher this version of his Concord army was a lot nastier and I think that if he hadn’t focused on pinning my Battle Suits as much he could have really caused some havoc with that X Launcher on later turns. He is talking about taking an X Howitzer in the future and I am not looking forward to that as it does D5 + 1 Pin markers with Net ammo.

So another fun game. Jerry had more of his toys and it made his army a lot more effective. They are still certainly Tau-like in that they really can’t take a lot of shooting or damage before they break so they need to be treated carefully. He is going to bring a combat drone next week and I am certainly not looking forward to that MOD 2 monster hitting the field. We also remembered to use is proper Hyperlight armour values so once I finally got my Black Guard close up I was able to do some more damage.

The Flitters were fairly useful and I will certainly take them again since a lot of my weapons really suck past 20″. I will be bringing my Creeper next game and I also hope to have Fartok built and ready to go as well. I am not sure how good he will be but he does look neat.

Update: My Bomber Squad should have been destroyed when it reached 8 pins. We also stopped taking Break tests for my battle suit squads as they couldn’t break but that was incorrect as on a failed test they would have gained an additional Pin Marker.


3 thoughts on “750 pt Ghar Rebel versus Concord

  1. I used “Battlescribe” to make my list, and it let me use two light support options, no problem. I did forget that I paid for a “batter drone” for my plasma cannon, though. -JN

    1. BattleScribe uses the roster’s set point value and not the actual point value to validate. So if the roster was set as a 1000pt list then it uses that value even if you only have 750 points of troops. I’ve run into that issue before

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