The pornography of dice

I have been watching quite a few video battle reports lately and almost every one is filmed using a single handheld camera. There are some negatives to this, primarily the camera shake and quick movement effects, but one that I wouldn’t have thought of is the tight focus shot of rolled or rolling dice that almost all of these reports use. Now it is a necessary part of the report to make the viewer aware of the results of a roll or a combat but it seems odd that vloggers would all routinely focus so tightly and insistently on the dice as they are being rolled.

Hot Dice
Hot Dice

The action of rolling the dice isn’t important, the results are. Often the dice results are usually very close to average, especially with large attacks, and so even seeing the dice isn’t that critical. Its one thing to want to show the result of an extraordinarily good or bad roll but if someone makes 20 4+ rolls for an attack and they get 11 4+ results this is hardly worth moving the camera for. And yet the camera will. And then quickly again to see the opponent’s roll for saves.

It needn’t be this way though and I suspect that this is a byproduct of the person filming the report being one of the people involved. It limits your ability to frame the battle into more interesting shots and as a player your focus is on the dice so that is what you shoot. Having an third person film the report might be a way to avoid this but I suspect that this dice focus will continue until people come up with more sophisticated ways to film their reports.


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