So a few things that are being worked on at the moment. I am still, slowly, working through the Cellestar Ballista teams for the Stormcast Eternals. I really don’t like the detailed bases that they come with some I swapped them out for some plain bases. The Liberators in the picture aren’t new. I just decided to rebase them since they matched the Ironjaws I am also working on and that seemed like unnecessary duplication. The ballistas themselves also need new bases and I will have to purchase some.

I am building an Attack Crawler for my Ghar Rebel army. The core of the model is complete but I still need to magnetize the weapon options on the front turret. Once that is done I will be priming it up. Mind you I could start painting the main chassis now.

Also at work is the Isorian Senatex Command Squad. I am using the squad to figure out the colour scheme and basing that I want to use for the rest of the army. I will be posting a painting article about those models on the Gates of Antares Nexus in the next week.

Finally I have the Ghar Ammo Scutter. It is almost complete and I just need to add some, slight, weathering and a few highlights before it is ready to be added to the army. It was a surprisingly fun model to paint and I am looking forward to doing the Attack Scutters when I get the replacement parts for them.