Jonathon was down at The Sentry Box this Sunday with 750 points of his Algoryn miniatures. Since he hasn’t played as many games we decided to just play a “kill-em all” game to not distract with scenario complications.

Jonathon’s force consisted of the Algoryn starter with an Avenger Attack Skimmer. The Avenger was equipped with the Twin Mag Light Support weapon. His force didn’t really have a lot of weapons to deal with the Ghar Battle Suits so it really wasn’t a balanced game. We talked afterwards about some options for his army that he could add to take them out or at least pin them down. Obviously taking the Mag Cannon for his Avenger would have been a better option.

Not that it would have helped in this game as I had some very, very lucky fire from my Mag Light Support and the Battle Squad that effectively took out the Avenger (lost MOD and a Weapon Malfunction) and kept it pinned through the rest of the game. Once the Avenger was gone there was nothing to take out the Battle Suits and that was the game to be honest. It was of little help to Jonathon that I didn’t fail a Plasma Amplifier roll the entire game either. One thing that I am looking forward to with the Isorian army is having a force that isn’t quite so dominating in demos and small games.

The Avenger did show the potential effectiveness of an MOD vehicle in that Jonathon was on a Down order but still, at that point, had the next dice to be able to try to Rally the vehicle. Sadly I didn’t let him do that be removing the MOD ability via the Vehicle Damage table but it is nice to see what impact that option gives and also how that makes you change your approach to a unit. The Avenger received a lot more fire than a Pinned and Down unit of troops would have.