Its been another busy week of painting.I am continuing to expand the Isorian force for Beyond the Gates of Antares with a Phase Sniper and a Tograh MV2 Transport. The Sniper is the one miniature that really evokes, for me, the essence of the Isorian force. It has a high tech look with a hovering sniper rifle but both the sniper and the rifle are also corrupted with alien biotechnology.  I did the Sniper in a different green tone (US Olive Drab) to help differentiate it from the other troops.

The Sniper, and to a limited extend the rifle, is covered with ridging that is unique to the model. I originally intended to paint it a light blue and make it look like an energy field but instead I painted it with multiple colours. I am not sure what the intention was of the sculptor but I wanted to make it look as if a phase field was helping hide the model. The Tograh was based with a Soviet Armour spray and then dusted with the same US Olive Drab to add some variety to the base colour.

Even though I washed the resin body of the the bottom was still tacky with release agent and so it was a touch difficult to paint. I have another one on order so I will make sure that I give it a more thorough scrub. The model paints up very nicely and once you paint some of the details it really looks quite alien and gribbly.

Also getting painted is a set of twelve Carolingian Frank Levy with Javelins. I recently picked up a Carolingian Frank force for Saga and thought that it could use with some fodder to give me some more options when building an army.

Frankish Levy
Frankish Levy

The models are quite simple and should paint up quite quickly. Certainly not quick enough for my game on Wednesday but they should be done within the week.