Warfighter WWII battle report

So after my first game of Warfighter I thought I would set up another game and write some notes about it as I played so I could write a battle report. I picked up the German and Polish expansion packs for the game and decided to use those to simulate an early war mission with Germans taking on Poles. Sadly the game doesn’t have a lot of German early war support weapons so the German troops in this game are lightly armed.

I decided to use the Hard Slog mission with the Command Vehicle objective. Hard Slog is an 11 turn mission which adds 2 to the Hostile value of all locations as well as the Objective. Command Vehicle tasks you with the destruction of an AFV. The Poles don’t have one so I substituted an Elite wz.34 Armoured Car. This is decidedly more deadly than an AFV but it is the only appropriate vehicle that the Polish Hostiles deck has. I used the Polish Frontline deck for the hostile.

I purchased two Player Soldiers, Wulf and Wahl. Wulf is armed with a 98K Rifle and a bag of Model 24 Grenades. Wahl, the Corpsman, is armed with an MP 40 SMG as well as a First Aid Kit. This is, I have to admit, a mistake. Wahl should be focusing on removing wounds so giving him a good weapon was a waste. I should have given it to Wulf instead. I have a singe Non-player Soldier, Schuster, who is armed with a 98K Rifle. He also has the Rifleman skill which will be very useful. Rounding out the patrol are Beckmann and Frank the Squad Soldiers.

Turn 1

Wulf starts the game by playing the Crops location. Because of the Hard Slog mission this means I have to generate 6 hostiles. Drawing from the Hostile Deck gives us a Rifle Squad, Flankers, Dug In, Recruits and a Harassing Squad. The Flanker and Harassing Squad move to the Mission card. The Flankers stop any of my soldiers from moving so they need to get removed. In addition the Harassing Force advances the Timer an additional space so they are next on the list. 

Wahl fires on the Flankers and suppresses them. Wahl then plays Silver Bullet and fires again and generates an EKIA on the Flankers. Schuster fires on the Flankers as well and generates an EKIA as well. Wulf discards to pay for Schuster’s Bolt Action cost and he fires on the Flankers again generating an EKIA. This removes the Flankers and gains Schuster 2 XP. Wolf uses an action to toss a grenade at the Harassing Force. He generates a single EKIA. Frank attacks the Harassing Force as well but only manages to add a suppression token. He shoots a second time but misses. Wulf discards again to allow Schuster to shoot. He fires at the Harassing Force and adds another suppression token.

There is no reinforcement draw. The Dug In squad attacks Schuster and places 1 wound. The Rifle Squad attacks Frank and places a suppression token. Finally the Recruits move to the Mission card to try to engage Frank. Due to the influence of the Harassing Squad the timer is moved from 11 to 9.

Turn 1
End of Turn 1

Turn 2

Getting into the Crops will be difficult as each Hostile card increases the entrance cost by 1. Thankfully the Recruits moved in turn 1 but that still makes the entrance cost 3 with the two hostiles. Wulf gets two cards from his CX ability. Wahl starts the turn by using a bandage on Schuster and heals 2 wounds. Schuster uses an action to remove the suppression token. He then attacks the Harassing Squad but misses. Wulf discards to pay for Schuster’s Bolt Action cost. Schuster again attacks the Harassing Squad and adds a suppression token. Wahl takes a shot at the Harassing Squad with his SMG and generates an EKIA which removes them. He gets 3XP but also rolled a 1 on one of his attack dice so he needs to reload.

Frank can move into the Crops unaided and he does so in order to avoid the Recruits. Wulf plays Advance on himself to increase his movement value and allow him to enter the Crops as well. Schuster only has a movement of 2 so Wulf discards a card to allow him to move into the Crops. Wulf then takes a shot at the Dug In squad and suppresses them. Frank follows suit but misses. Beckman needs to be moves as well but needs a discard from Wahl to allow him to enter the Crops. Neither Frank or Beckman are effective at Range 1 so moving them is critical. Now safely with his comrades, Beckmann takes a shot at the Rifle Squad but misses.

The reinforcement draw for the Crops brings in more Flankers which move to the Mission cards since Wahl is still there. The Dug In squad fires at Schuster and suppresses him. The Rifle Squad attacks Frank and gives him a Wound. The Flankers attack Wulf and put a wound on him as well. Finally the Recruits chase Frank into the Crops. The Flankers in the Mission card mean that Wahl is stuck there until we can remove them. He is going to be needed in the Crops so taking those Flankers out is important. 

Turn 2
End of Turn 2

Turn 3

Wulf discards and draws his hand back to 7 cards. Wulf attacks the Rifle Squad with a grenade but only manages to suppress them. Wahl reloads and then I totally forget about the Flankers ability and move him into the Crops by discarding three cards to pay the now 4 point entrance cost. Wahl plays Snap Shot to allow himself a free shot which he takes at the Rifle Squad and places an EKIA on them. Frank fires at the Recruits twice and suppresses them each time. Beckman fires at the Dug In squad twice and misses both times. Schuster pays 1XP to remove a suppression thanks to Guts. He spends another XP to upgun is Rifleman skill and then fires at the Dug In squad and gets an EKIA. 

Wolf discards to pay for Bolt Action and then Schuster fires at the Dug In squad again and suppresses them. He pays another XP to upgun Rifleman. Another discard from Wulf and another shot but this one misses.

The Crops reinforcement draw is an Armoured Car and thankfully this is 1 point over the reinforcement range of the location so it is discarded. The Recruits shoot at Frank and place 1 wound. The Dug in squad attacks Schuster and puts 1 wound on him as well. The Rifle Squad has a total of three EKAI and suppression tokens so it can’t fire. The Flankers attack Wulf and hit him hard for 2 wounds.

Turn 3
End of Turn 3

Turn 4

I have been hesitant to put out another location since I have a significant amount of fire already being directed at me. As well, the only other location I have will generate 8 hostiles when I place it due to the Hard Slog special rule so I am hoping to clear out some of these hostiles and also draw a location that won’t choke me with hostiles. There are also a lot of wounds on my team so Wahl will have to forgo shooting this turn to try to patch up some soldiers.

Schuster starts the turn by shooting at the Rifle Squad and removes it with an EKIA. He gains 1 XP. Wahl spends 1XP to upgun Corpsman and bandages Wulf to heal 1 wound. He repeats the process and this time removes 2 more wounds.Wulf throws a grenade at the Dug In squad and gets a total of 4 EKIA thanks to Explsoive. This takes out the hostile and nets Wulf 1 XP. Wulf plays Pasture to postion #3. The hostile draw for the location is Screening, Harassing Force and an MG Team. Not good. Not only do we now have an MG Team firing at us but the Timer is going to accelerate until we get rid of the Harassing Force. The Harassing Force moves to the Mission card. 

Frank attacks the Recruits and places a suppression token on them. Wulf discards to pay Schuster’s Bolt Action cost. Schuster then upguns Rifleman and fires at the Recruits. He generates a single EKIA. Beckman fires at the Recruits twice and generates two suppression tokens but the second one has no effect.

The Crops location reinforcement draw is an Machine Gun Cart. More bad news. The Harassing Force attacks Wulf but misses. The Flankers attack Wulf and cause 1 wound. The Machine Gun Cart fires a hail of rounds at Schuster and kills him by causing 2 wounds. Wulf panics and gains a suppression token. The MG Cart changes target to Wahl. The Recruits are not able to fire but the MG Team fires a Wulf and adds another suppression token. Finally the Screen unit attacks Beckman and places 1 wound on him.

Ouch! To make matters worse the Timer advances two spaces again.

Turn 4
Turn 4

Turn 5

Th team is now seriously pinned down between two MG teams and we lost one of our better soldiers. Wulf is also sitting under two suppression tokens. We need some good luck.

Wahl discards and draws cards. He uses Walk It Off and upguns it to use it on Wulf to allow him to remove a suppression. Wulf then uses an action to remove the last suppression. Wahl upguns Corpsman and bandages Frank to heal 2 wounds. Wulf attacks the MG Cart with a grenade but only places a single suppression token on it. The Recruits are fully suppressed so they don’t cover the MG Cart. Beckman attacks the MG Cart twice and misses with the first shot but then luckily places an EKIA with the second. Frank tries to finish off the Recruits with two shots but only manages to suppress them which has no additional effect.

The Crops reinforcement draw is a Small Truck. It has its own reinforcement draw which will kick in next turn. The Harassing Force attacks Wulf and suppresses him. The Flankers do the same. The MG Cart and the Recruits can’t fire this turn. The MG Team attacks Wulf and does 2 wounds. Ack! The Screening unit attacks Beckman and finishes him off with a single wound. Wulf panics again and gains a third suppression token. 

Turn 5
End of Turn 5
Troops at the end of turn 5
Troops at the end of turn 5

Turn 6

Things are not looking good. Wulf is wounded and suppressed. Frank is still in good shape but Frank isn’t really that good so this isn’t especially good news. Wahl is in good shape as well but is rapidly running out of bandages. Wahl discards and draws to try to find some useful cards. He upguns Corpsman and then uses a bandage to heal Wulf for 2 wounds. At least that appears to be working well. Wulf removes 2 suppression but still can’t fire. He plays Combined Fire and upguns it. Frank fires at the Recruits and puts the final EKIA on them. Small consolation. 

The Crops reinforcement is another Recruits units. The Small Truck draws a Reinforcements unit but it is above its reinforcement range. Here comes the withering fire! The Harassing Force shots at Wulf and does 1 wound. The Flankers add two more. The Reserves attack Wahl and place a wound. The MG Cart fires at Wahl and places a suppression token. The MG Team attacks Wulf and does 2 more wounds bringing him to 6. Thankfully no-one else will be shooting at him. The Screening unit attacks Frank and puts a suppression token on him.

End of turn 6
End of turn 6

Final Turn

With the impact of the Harassing Force I am down to the last turn on the timer. The game will end this turn no matter what. With Wulf suppressed and wounded there is not a lot that the team can do.

Wahl starts the turn by removing a suppression token. He then bandages Wulf and rolls a 10 and heals three wounds. Wulf removes a suppression and then chucks his last grenade at the MG Cart. He does 2 EKIA and removes the MG Cart. Frank removes a suppression token and takes a shot at the Reserves which misses. I suspect that the Hostile turn will not be this quiet.

The Crops reinforces with another Rifle Squad. The Small Truck draws an Officer which is outside its reinforcement range and so is discarded. The Harassing Squad attacks Wulf and places a wound on him. The Flankers miss him. Wahl takes a suppression token from the Reserves and the Rifle Sqaud. The MG Team attacks Wulf and does 2 wounds again but he is still okay. Just barely. Finally the Screening unit attacks Frank and suppresses him. 

End of game
End of game


Well my squad was flanked by multiple squads and the Harassing Squads rapidly ran out the timer for me. Not, mind you, that I think I could have done better even with a few more turns. Giving the SMG to Wahl was definitely not a good idea. He spent most of the time trying to bandage soldiers or play cards to support the other soldiers. Wulf would have made better use of it. The grenades were very effective but I really would have rather had an MG34 instead. I may try to put together my own card for it in case I want to play another early war German game. As it stands, the Poles are probably a better opponent for the Soviets (or vice versa). Getting two MG teams firing at my squad was very bad luck. The only silver lining was that neither of them rolled a 10 to do an additional attack as that probably would have killed Wulf.

Hard Slog is indeed a hard slog. Depending on the locations you draw the board could be filled with a lot of troops. I didn’t even get close enough to the objective to activate it so  have no idea how bad that Armoured Car would have been. It does though have a Kill result on its attack table so that could have been a very bad time.

tI was still a fun game though. I did mess up early on by allowing Wahl to leave the Mission Card with the Flankers on it. I also think that I forgot the screening for the MG Cart on one turn. If I was going to play this scenario again I might lose one of the Squad Soldiers (maybe Frank) and add some equipment to Wulf to give him some more combat options. 

I already have my net game set up but I won’t be doing a battle report for it as it is a 20 turn game with eight Soviet soldiers facing off against the germans in a City Fight. Should be fun.


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