So some local gamers have decided to get into playing Epic: Armageddon and it has inspired me to do something that I have always wanted to do which is to build and play an Epic Tau force. Even when Forgeworld was actually making their range of 6mm Tau figures the army was a pipe dream as it was ridiculously expensive and the troops were notoriously fragile. I knew people that had parts snap off of the Crisis Suit models when they were drybrushing them.

They still looked amazing though.

I actually still have a draft version of the Tau army list for Epic in my folder of old Epic: Armageddon playtest documents. Its interesting to see how the army has evolved since then.

As with other old Specialist Games products, a market of small-scale miniature producers popped up to provide models for the game after GW left the market. One of the better manufacturers is Onslaught Miniatures and they have an entire range of ‘not Tau’ figures called the Okami Technocracy Combine. They are very nice looking models that are clearly inspired by the Tau but still hav their own design aesthetic. And as an added bonus you don’t need to sell a kidney to build up an army.

Akuma grav tank
Akuma grav tank

I am already working on a 2000pt list and will hopefully be sending off an order in the new year.