The new year has begun and there are some new minis on the painting table. The first is a general for my upcoming Chaos Warmaster army.

Chaos General
Chaos General

The model is part of a set of Chaos miniatures I picked up at a bitz sale at Imaginary War a few years ago. I just need to do a touch of work on the banner to add a chaos symbol to both sides.

Also on the table is a set of Dystopian War British Medium tanks.

Tanks for the Omnissiah
Tanks for the Omnissiah!

These are meant to be 2mm Dystopian Wars minis but I am going to use them as 6mm Adeptus Mechanicus APCs. I’ve used some PVA glue to stick them to some bases so I can use my painting handles when painting them. Originally I was thinking of using them as Imperial Guard proxies but I think that the ‘steampunk’ look suits the Mechanicus better. These will join some similar models that I painted some time ago as well as some Vanguard Miniatures Cybershadow miniatures to fill out the infantry and walkers.