So 2018 was the year of Gates of Antares. I now have the core of two armies painted and its a matter of adding a model or unit here and there to add some more options. I plan on running a few Boot Camp events the game this year and that might require me to paint up a small 600 point Concord force as well but its not going to be necessary.

While I can’t predict where the distracted magpie of my gaming focus will eventually go, the intention for this year is to try to build an army for Epic as well as Warmaster. There are some local gamers who are building Epic forces and there are enough proxy miniatures being produced now that it is possible to build well-balanced armies for Epic. Also, enough time has passed since my last foray into the game that I can ignore the sting of selling my Chaos army.

Onslaught Miniatures produce a wide range of 6mm sci-fi figures including almost a full range of proxies for the Tau. I used some of my Xmas funds to purchase the core of a 2000 point Tau army and those minis are currently winging their way to me. While I am working on them I also have plans to build an Adeptus Mechanicus force using some Dystopian Wars miniatures for vehicles and the Ordinatus war engines.

As I mentioned previously, I am also getting back into Warmaster thanks to the Warmaster Revolution rules. I am lucky enough to have an entire Chaos army just waiting to be assembled and painted and so I am working on that and hope to have a starting force done soon. I already have the required Chaos and Marauder Warriors done and I just need to base them. I also finished a General miniature and so there are just a few character models to do for a basic force.