Tau update

All I appear to be doing at the moment is painting Epic Tau. My second order from Onslaught Miniatures came in a few days ago so I have been busy assembling some stands of troops. I ran out of small Flames of War bases so I only have 17 stands of Fire Warriors assembled as well as eight stands of Pathfinders. The Pathfinders are on round bases to easily distinguish them from the Fire Warriors and as well it continues a standard of having core troops on rectangular bases. I have two command stands (not that the army requires them) as well as an Ethereal stand and a stand with a warrior equipped with a sword for any bonded formations I use.

Prior to this I managed to get some stands of Stealth Suits and Gun Drones done. Nine stands of Gun Drones and six Stealth Suit stands. I had to cheat a bit and add some Gun Drones to fill out the Stealth Suits to make a full unit.

So far the count for the army is 12 Hammerheads, five Crisis Suits, five Broadsides, nine Gun Drones and six Stealth Suits. Currently on the painting table are eight Devilfish. Once those are done I managed to prime up five Tetras and five Piranhas. The Devilfish should be done in a few days and then it will be on to the Tetras and Piranhas. The weather will be taking a turn for the worst for the next week or so and I suspect that it will be a while before I am able to prime the infantry and start on them. If that is the case then I think I will start basing some of the completed figures before I end up with an insurmountable task on my hands.


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