So many things to build

Part of the order I received from Vanguard Miniatures were some more figures from the ever-expanding Tau force. I took some time from painting to build six Skyray AA tanks, six stands of Stealthsuits and another stand of Gun Drones. I have ten Crisis Suits that I will need to clean up but I am waiting to pick up some bases before I do that.

The weather here is still quite cold so I have had to resort to using Vallejo Surface Primer to get started on my Fire Warriors and Pathfinders. I have been batch painting all of the infantry so I have a try with 18 stands of Fire Warriors and 8 Pathfinders to add primer, Skeleton Bone and then Seraphim Sepia to. Simple enough to do while I watch Man City demolish Chelsea. I am not sure if I am going to use the same process to do the Skyrays so I have one model that I am going to do a test on to see if it is a doable process. Mostly I want to ensure that the colour is consistent with the vehicles I have done earlier.

The basing will begin on Tuesday as I need to head to the store and pick up some Astrogranite Debris texture paint. The test models worked and so I will get several bottles of it and do all the currently painted figures. At this process I may have the entire army finished by the end of the month.

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