Basing done

So a few hours last night and a few hours this morning and I am finished basing my Tau.

All done
All done

So that is 12 Hammerheads, 7 Devilfish, 5 Tetras, 5 Piranhas, 8 Pathfinders, 12 Stealth Suits, 10 Gun Drones, 4 Broadsides and 18 Fire Warriors. Which is over 2500 points of Tau. I still have 6 Skyrays and 5 more Crisis Suits to paint and then base. I have 5 stands of Crisis Suits already painted but I picked up the plasma armed models and some Sha’s O models so I want to mix those together and then base them. After that it is time for the Barracudas and A10s but I want to try to start getting some games in before I finish those

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