So what is next

So I just finished painting the last of the Epic Tau Crisis Suits and Skyrays. I should have the basing done tomorrow and that will be it, for the moment, for the Epic Tau ground forces. I have some recast Tau aircraft that I am going to work on but I won’t be using those right away as the folks who I will be gaming with are still working through the rules so I suspect that aircraft and AA won’t be used yet.

So what to do next? There are several options. I have some Stormcast Eternals primed and ready to go. There are some Warmaster Ogres that are also primed and ready to go. I also have a box of Adeptus Titanicus terrain that needs to be assembled and painted. So many options.

I suspect that I will just pick up whatever looks interesting to paint and then go with that. Given my past history that will mean that it will be none of the options listed.

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