The next Epic army

So now that my Tau are finished (aside from some aircraft) it is time to think about the next Epic army project. Here are a few of the contenders.

Dark Eldar

Pros: Onslaught sell almost all of the infantry and most of the vehicles. They are a fairly unique force with a focus on Assaults that will be a contrast to the Tau.

Cons: None of the War Engines and aircraft exist as models so they will have to be scratch built. There are some simple steps to build the required models though that just require some 40K Dark Eldar Hellions and Reavers. There aren’t a lot of vehicles that need to be made though and the army can be played without them.


Pros: Lots of fun vehicles and the option for some Titans.

Cons: Half the army has to be scratch built. Vangaurd has teased the release of some more models for their Cybershadows range so this might be a more manageable option in the future.

Knight World Defense Force

Pros: Who doesn’t like Knights? Onslaught also make almost all of the Knight variants and have planned releases for the rest. Vanguard also make the infantry and the vehicles for this list as part of their Novan range. The army can be built without any scratch building.

Cons: Can’t see any.

Now I don’t have any objections to building the odd model. I’m just not really that good at it so anything that lets me get a force on the table with less work is a better idea for me. As it stands I may go for the Dark Eldar army even with the required building. They just seem like more fun. That said, painting an entire army of Knights sounds like a great ida as well. I still haven’t made my mind up yet though and I may just pick up a few minis to paint and see if that helps decide the matter.

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