Adeptus Titanicus terrain

IMG_6876.JPGTook some time out from all things Epic yesterday to start to build some of the terrain from the Adeptus Titanicus Civitas Imperialis Sector box. It contains a lot of sprues and once you figure out the particular manner in which the walls go together it is simple to start putting buildings together.

One feature of the terrain that isn’t immediately apparent is that smaller elements easily stack on top of larger ones allowing you to build up higher terrain from multiple parts. I suspect, given that I haven’t played it yet, that this is very important for Adeptus Titanicus where you want to be able to create high blocking terrain to allow your Titans to get cover.

For Epic the desire to build high isn’t as necessary so it means that you can take the smaller elements and create denser urban terrain sections with them. The buildings look large but certainly not out of scale with the Tau models I have so I am looking forward to getting these painted up and using them for Epic

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