Epic Tau done

So here are some pictures of my completed Epic Tau force. All of the figures are from the Onslaught Miniatures Okami Combine range. I am very impressed with the figures. Not only the level of detail in them but how easy it was to paint them up to a very good standard.

The complete list of models is:

  • 12 x Stealth Suits
  • 10 x Gun Drones
  • 10 x Crisis Suits
  • 5 x Broadside Suits
  • 6 x Ion Hammerhead
  • 3 x Fusion Hammerhead
  • 3 x Railgun Hammerhead
  • 5 x Tetra
  • 5 x Piranha
  • 8 x Pathfinders
  • 18 x Fire Warriors
  • 6 x Skyrays

As you can imagine, this isn’t the end of this force. I want to add a few more recon elements to the force, some more Hammerheads as well as some elements that are not in the army list like Vespids, Riprides and Sniper Drones.

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