Mapping Talos Syndicate Knights

So if I want to build a House Lakar Knight World Defense Force army then I am going to need to map relationships between the Epic Knight units and the models from Onslaught Miniatures Talos Syndicate range. There are four models that Onslaught have planned for release and they also offer all of the various Knight model arms as bitz so you can plan out your models and also plan on magnetizing them to allow you to create multiple units from the same Knight.


Talos Syndicate Enforcer

The Enforcer is armed with a Chainsword and Cannon making it a good proxy for the Knight Paladin. Onslaught is planning an Enforcer miniature that comes with a Shock Lance and Cannon allowing you to field the other Paladin variant.



Talos Syndicate Marauder

The Marauder is armed with a Flame Cannon and a Power Fist making it an excellent Knight Errant proxy. IF Don at Onslaught makes the arms for the upcoming Enforcer available as bitz you will also be able to field the Knight Errant variant with the Shock Lance.



Talos Syndicate Mauler

The Mauler is armed with dual Lascannons and a Heavy Cannon which matches the Crusader. Also coming soon is the Ravager model which adds the Autocannon for the Castellan. Oddly no other Epic Knight variant uses a Lascannon. Weird.



Talos Syndicate Warlord

The Warlord is equipped with a Dual Cannon and a Power Lance which makes it an excellent proxy for a Baron. The Warlord appears to have the exact same lance weapon as the upcoming Impaler so if you want to add the different lance to the Baron you might need to paint it differently.


The remaining Knight model coming from Onslaught is the Corsair which is armed with a power sword and shield. This model doesn’t match any of the Knights in the House Lakar army list. Onslaught also sells a pack of Auxiliary Weapons to add AA and Missile options to a Knight.

The only Knight that you can’t create a specific model for using the Onslaught figures is the Warden. The main issue with the Warden is that it requires a unique chassis since most of the weapons on it are fixed arcs that are not arm mounted like the other Knights.

Onslaught also sells the Grudd Heavy Mining Laser which you can use as a Rapier for the House Lakar list. All that remains are the infantry (which Onslaught and Vanguard sell) and the guns and gun movers which are available from Vanguard.

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