3mm Marines based

My order from Warbases showed up today. I got a series of different 2mm wooden bases. 25mm and 20mm rounds. 20mm squares and 2mm FoW bases.

I recently picked up some 3mm Space Marines from Vanguard Miniatures and the bases were ordered as a test to see how the Marines looked based in an Epic style. I assumed that the infantry would look lost in a 25mm base and so ordered some 20mm bases instead. The infantry don’t look too bad on the square bases and the Dreadnoughts and Rapiers looks pretty good on the 20mm bases.

Front(ish) view
Front(ish) view
Overhead view
Overhead view

The round bases are a little large but I doubt that my clumsy fingers would be able to pick up a 15mm base so the models will have live with the additional real estate.

In any case, I think that they look good enough in this style of base to go ahead with building some forces to use with the Epic Horus Heresy rules.


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