Terrain required

So before I start to get in some games of Age of Magic I will need to build some terrain. Saga requires some specific types of terrain and while I have a few that can be of use I will need some things like rough patches, swamps, marshes, and some variations of hills that I currently don’t have. I will also have to build some faction specific terrain pieces for the Grand Kingdom and Horde that will be needed for my games. I have some MDF board but I think that it is a bit too thick to use for terrain so I may be making a trip to the hardware store to see what thinner options present themselves.

I also have some hills that I picked up recently that are quite thin and have multiple levels. I am not sure how applicable to Saga these will be but I will have to trim them down and also repaint them to match the other terrain I have already. I also might be able to break them apart to make some smaller, rough hills. Experiments will have to be done before I am able to make a final determination.

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