Painting my Elf Union team

After finishing up my Ghar Outcasts I thought it might be a good idea to finish my Elf Union Blood Bowl team.

Elf Union Blood Bowl team
Elf Union Blood Bowl team

These figures have been in the process of being painted for months primarily because they are covered with fussy, fiddly detail. I didn’t find these miniatures as difficult to put together as some people did, maybe I’ve just read enough GW exploded 3D diagrams, but the same complexity that makes them a PITA to assemble means that there are parts and detail that overlap. I can’t recall disliking a set of miniatures this much, in terms of painting them, since I tried to assemble and paint some old Confrontation Griffin figures.

These Elf players look nice and the team will look good when they are finished but to call this process tedious is an understatement.

Undead team
Shambling Undead team

Compared to them, the Shambling Undead team is a dream. There is detail in these figures but it isn’t overly complicated and the posing doesn’t require pieces to weave in and around other details like the Elf team. I assembled one more Skeleton than I think I will need but I am going to paint it up anyways.

The Zombies and Ghouls were primed with Army Painter Necrotic Flesh while the rest of the team got a coat of Skeleton Bone. The flesh portions of the Ghouls and Zombies have been given a wash of Athonian Camoshade while the Skeletons got a wash of Reikland Flesh. The two mummys were given a coat of Seraphim Sepia.

The plan is to paint the armour on the figures with a rusted metal colour and then use the Ryza Rust technical paint on it. Once that is done I will then sponge on some bright blue or maybe red to act as the original colour of the armour and pads. Sort of a reverse weathering effect.

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