Starting Andromedans

One of my recent purchases was a squadron pack of miniatures for the Andromedans. It has seven miniatures including an enormous Dominator. I am not sure how people fit that beast on an SFB map.

There are no stats for them in A Call to Arms: Star Fleet and I doubt that there will be any time soon since they will require quite a few new rules. I suspect that I will probably use them in Full Thrust first but I wanted to get them done.

The larger vessels have quite a lot of detail on them making them a bit unique for the Star Fleet metal figure range. It makes sense though since the art for them has a lot of detail. Much more than, for instance, the Hydrans or Lyrans.

These just have the base coats on them and a touch of shading on the power absorber panels. More highlights and some additional details are still,to come.

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