Taking a break

I am going to be taking a break from posting on this blog. I am not really getting any positive energy from the work that I put into it so I will be taking a break until such point that I start to look forward to it again.

2 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1.     You keep it up Zac…. I enjoy seeing you make such massive progress in getting your fleets together. I don’t do your period—but I’m inspired by you sharing and motivated by how much you are getting done….

    I’m in the midst of retiring overseas and all my stuff is in boxes….living in small apartments and getting sons moved into their accommodations—I’m living vicariously through people like you….

    So— this is a teaspoon of appreciation, and confirmation that your messages sent out into the ether are being read and enjoyed….

    Campaigns….and writing them up…telling the story…perhaps there lies some motivation…that is where I shall be going… I’m interested in your tools for blogging and how you set it up….

    Keep the faith!

    cj:) Craig Johnson…of Gunbarrel Colorado, now in Seattle, soon to be BangSaphan, Prachuab Khiri Khan, Thailand…..

  2. I have continued to enjoy watching your progress from afar. You are so darn productive! I hope you enjoy a break and continue to get positive energy from the parts of the hobby you enjoy. Hopefully we will be able to cross paths again soon!

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