Ironjawz Megaboss completed

I wasn't even ready to paint this model but I just started working on his skin and then didn't stop. He has been painted using the primary armour colour of the Brutes but with parts that have been ripped off the armour of his foes. Or at least that is the idea. I also really... Continue Reading →


750 pt Ghar Rebel versus Concord

Our Sunday cavalcade of Gates of Antares gaming continues with a 750 point game today. I actually brought a 1000 point list as well but Jerry and I were hoping that one of the other Ghar players was going to be there so Jerry only had a 750 point list. My Ghar Rebel Creeper will... Continue Reading →

More Brutes finished

So it is my last day of my painting frenzy and I managed to get a unit of Brutes done while I was listening to Warhammer TV this morning. Just need to finish the bases and they are ready to go. AS before the most effort went into weathering the armour and the weapons. The... Continue Reading →

Stomcast Eternals done

Well I wasn't planning on doing them but I took some time and did a really quick paint job on a set of Stormcast Liberators. Miss N is painting hers in a silver, blue and red scheme so I did the visual opposite and went with black. These are meant to be the Anvils of... Continue Reading →

What is coming next

So now that I cleared up some space on my painting table it is time to fill it with some new projects. First up is a 5 man unit of Stormcast Liberators. Just because. Actually it has more to do with Miss N painting her Stormcast figures. While I can look happily on while her... Continue Reading →

Painting update

So there has been an exuberance of painting here in the last few days. The family is away visiting the grandparents in Vernon and that means that it has been just me and the dogs for the last few days. In this latest burst of painting I focused on some Endless Spells for Age of... Continue Reading →

What every battle report vlogger needs to know

I have been watching a lot of video battle reports lately. Well trying to watch them. Some videos are great but the majority are simply unwatchable. Most people who posts videos make a series of easily corrected mistakes that could easily increase their audience and make their videos much more watchable. Buy a proper microphone... Continue Reading →

Painting table update

The painting continues. I have a set of five figures for Test o Honour that will be based soon but they made way on the painting handles for three Endless Spells for Age of Sigmar. I picked the ones that I was the most interested in adding to my Ironjawz first and will start working... Continue Reading →

Kill Zone: a reconsideration

So it appears that my earlier comments about the board size for Kill Team may have been a little premature. The primary reason for this is that the actual rules don't appear to stipulate a fixed sized for the game. So while the game board that comes in the box isĀ 22" x 30" there is... Continue Reading →

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