Codex and Ashes

I like card games. A lot. I actually can't really describe how much I like a good card game. Or even a bad one. I have starter packs for the Warlords card game on my shelf downstairs to prove this point. So I was quite pleased that James had time to come over and try... Continue Reading →


Playing a game to win

I tend to avoid New Year's resolutions. Not only do you often to fail to complete them but I know that my flighty nature and lack of focus makes resolutions a perilous prospect. One goal that I have for the new year is to focus on a game and attempt to become a better player... Continue Reading →

A update of sorts

So it has been quite a bit of time since my last blog post so I thought that I would post some form of update to attempt to kickstart my blog again. There has been a lot going on as of late so its not that I haven't had anything to post about only that I... Continue Reading →

Epic Card Game demo

Last night I ran a demo of the Epic Card Game at The Sentry Box. Epic is a fantasy card game, in the vein of games like Magic, that was recently funded on Kickstarter by White Wizard Games, the folks who did Star Realms. I'll be discussing the game with some reference to the rules... Continue Reading →

Star Wars LCG event

A few of us got together today for a warm-up event in preparation for the upcoming Star Wars LCG Regional event held next month. There were four of us playing. Due to some scheduling issues there weren't more but at least we had an even number. All of the players were using cards from the... Continue Reading →

LCG strategy articles

BoardgameGeek have posted a list of the most popular strategy articles for 2012 and a large number of them are about LCGs. Android: Netrunner Thoughts on every RUNNER card by Alexfrog The State of the Netrunner Metagame: Expansion 1: What Lies Ahead. by Alexfrog Thoughts on every CORP card by Alexfrog Practices to Help Beginner... Continue Reading →

LCG Game Night

Thursday is LCG night at Sentry Box and there was a decent turnout of people to play this week with seven people getting together to play the new Star Wars game as well as Netrunner. I went down hoping to get taught the new Star Wars game but ended up muddling through a game and... Continue Reading →

A transformative year

This has certainly been a year of change here in regards to my gaming habits. At the beginning of the year I was talking about, and playing, Warhammer, Warmachine, 40K and Epic. At the end of the year I have, with the exception of Dreadball, stopped playing miniature games all together and moved into playing... Continue Reading →

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