Warmaster Chaos figures based

So the Warmaster Chaos figures I painted earlier are finally based. I forgot how much of a PITA it is to base 10mm Warmaster figures. The models are in two strips so there is not a lot of space between each strip which makes the entire process either long (basing one strip at a time)... Continue Reading →


Plans for 2019

So 2018 was the year of Gates of Antares. I now have the core of two armies painted and its a matter of adding a model or unit here and there to add some more options. I plan on running a few Boot Camp events the game this year and that might require me to... Continue Reading →

New Year’s painting table

The new year has begun and there are some new minis on the painting table. The first is a general for my upcoming Chaos Warmaster army. The model is part of a set of Chaos miniatures I picked up at a bitz sale at Imaginary War a few years ago. I just need to do... Continue Reading →

Warmaster ethereal undead

The Warmaster Tomb Kings army I have is an acquisition from a friend who used to play the game. Despite having 1000s of points of Skeleton Warriors he began to paint up some Chaos Marauders as units of ethereal undead warriors. He initially painted them in white but since then GW has released the Hexwraith... Continue Reading →

Warmaster Revolution

So while we're talking about old, unsupported games, it appears that there is a community effort underway (a new one actually) to incorporate the changes from Warmaster Ancients to the original Warmaster fantasy rules called Warmaster Revolution. I used to play a lot of Warmaster back when it was being supported by GW and then... Continue Reading →

On the painting table

So a few things that are being worked on at the moment. I am still, slowly, working through the Cellestar Ballista teams for the Stormcast Eternals. I really don't like the detailed bases that they come with some I swapped them out for some plain bases. The Liberators in the picture aren't new. I just... Continue Reading →

Ironjawz Megaboss completed

I wasn't even ready to paint this model but I just started working on his skin and then didn't stop. He has been painted using the primary armour colour of the Brutes but with parts that have been ripped off the armour of his foes. Or at least that is the idea. I also really... Continue Reading →

More Brutes finished

So it is my last day of my painting frenzy and I managed to get a unit of Brutes done while I was listening to Warhammer TV this morning. Just need to finish the bases and they are ready to go. AS before the most effort went into weathering the armour and the weapons. The... Continue Reading →

Stomcast Eternals done

Well I wasn't planning on doing them but I took some time and did a really quick paint job on a set of Stormcast Liberators. Miss N is painting hers in a silver, blue and red scheme so I did the visual opposite and went with black. These are meant to be the Anvils of... Continue Reading →

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