Frostgrave: the beginning

So recently Osprey Publishing released a free electronic version of their FrostgraveĀ rules. I have looked at the rules from time to time but have been put off by the amount of terrain the game seems to require as well as the number of wandering monsters that you'd need. Given the current situation it seemed that... Continue Reading →

Oathmark army planner

A few weeks ago, Osprey Publishing released an army planner for Oathmark. It was a PDF based tool and it had a few issues working on the Mac or on iOS. Even using Acrobat Reader on either platform wouldn't allow it to function completely. I suspect that the PDF wasn't that useful even on Windows... Continue Reading →

Oathmark Elf Warrior review

March here has been cold and snowy and so with the upcoming two days of warm(ish) weather I have been madly assembling miniatures so I can prime them and build up my painting queue in case the weather doesn't hold out. My last miniature splurge contained a box of the plastic Oathmark Elf miniatures that... Continue Reading →

Age of Magic: Dwarves v Undead

Due to some changes of plans, Peter and I met up at The Sentry Box and played a game of Saga; Age of Magic using his Undead Legions and my Dwarves using the Masters of the Underearth battle board. We rolled a random scenario from the Book of Battles and got a Refused Flank battle,... Continue Reading →

New Dwarven heroes

While I have been working on some other models I have been painting up these two new heroes for my Dwarves. The one with the hammer will be an alternate Warlord and the one with the gun will act as an Alchemist if I decide to use it. I have to do some touchups on... Continue Reading →

Dragon Rampant test game

The girls and I tried a game of Dragon Rampant today using their Stormcast and Nighthaunt miniatures. We built up two forces from their existing armies and came up with two 35 point forces. This is big for a starting battle of Dragon Rampant but it is about the size of their Age of Sigmar... Continue Reading →

More Dwarven riflemen

Several of us are getting together this weekend to play Saga and I wanted to not only try out the Legendary Dwarven army for Masters of the Underearth but also put out another unit of riflemen. In the Dwarves of the Silverlight force, the Warriors have an option for Firearms so I am going to... Continue Reading →

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