Painting update

Its been another busy week of painting.I am continuing to expand the Isorian force for Beyond the Gates of Antares with a Phase Sniper and a Tograh MV2 Transport. The Sniper is the one miniature that really evokes, for me, the essence of the Isorian force. It has a high tech look with a hovering sniper... Continue Reading →


First Isorian game

Today was the first day out with the core of my Isorian army for Beyond the Gates of Antares. Local Concord enthusiast Jeremy was out to give my 750 points of Isorians a good test. Aside from the Tsan Ra Torus squad the army was quite similar to the Concord force opposing it. Two Phase... Continue Reading →

More Isorians painted

So I have been busy painting Isorians for the last week or so. The folks that run the Gates of Antares Nexus website asked me to write some articles about the process of building and gaming with the new army. I have posted an introductory article as well as an article looking at painting the... Continue Reading →

Ammo Scutter done

While I am working on some other models I managed to get my Ghar Rebel Ammo Scutter finished It is an add-on for the Bomber Squad to allow it to fire twice, one a game, but more importantly to allow it to avoid the Low Ammo penalty that the bomber has. It has been given... Continue Reading →

On the painting table

So a few things that are being worked on at the moment. I am still, slowly, working through the Cellestar Ballista teams for the Stormcast Eternals. I really don't like the detailed bases that they come with some I swapped them out for some plain bases. The Liberators in the picture aren't new. I just... Continue Reading →

Ghar Rebel plans

So I have a solid core of 1000 points painted for my Ghar Rebel force. I have a few things that I want to add to it before I take a break from them and concentrate on another army.  I have an Ammo Scutter that is almost finished. Despite having it I have no rolled... Continue Reading →

Thoughts from a game against the Algoryn

Jonathon was down at The Sentry Box this Sunday with 750 points of his Algoryn miniatures. Since he hasn't played as many games we decided to just play a "kill-em all" game to not distract with scenario complications. Jonathon's force consisted of the Algoryn starter with an Avenger Attack Skimmer. The Avenger was equipped with... Continue Reading →

1000 point Ghar v. Concord

Another adventure with my Ghar Rebels versus Jerry's Concord this Sunday. We have moved up to 1000 points and Jerry has added a Heavy Combat Drone to his force. Unlike other games we actually used one of the matched play scenarios, specifically An Unexpected Encounter. Each player starts with half of their force deployed and... Continue Reading →

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