Isorian Targeting Drones

As part of my Isorian army for Beyond the Gates of Antares I painted up a unit of 6 Targeting Drones. I wanted to make sure that I took a bit of time on them as they are a small unit and the globes on the top of the models would look good with a... Continue Reading →


Proposed Ghar Rebel army list changes

The, lucky, folks in the UK were recently attending an Antares Game Day but on by Warlord Games. Some of the rules for that event (also available in the event Player Pack PDF) may be working their way into the game. There are some possible changes to the SV values of Assault and Battle suits... Continue Reading →

Painted Antares forces

I was at an event this morning and while I was there I took out all of my painted Beyond the Gates of Antares models and took some photos. Always nice to see them all out at once. One day I may use the all in a single game. Without adding any options I have... Continue Reading →

More painting done

Well they are no 100% finished, I still have to put some tufts on the bases, but these will soon be ready for the gaming table. The Attack Scutters are a good, cheap source of Scourer Cannons and fit into a list where a Battle Squad might be too many points. They also look neat.... Continue Reading →

Two Gun Ghar Rebel Bomber

Recently Warlord Games had a warehouse clearance sale and I picked up a Ghar Bomber sprue and some Assault Suits. Sadly when they were packed instead of 1 Bomber sprue and 3 Assault sprues I got sent 3 Bomber sprues and 1 Assault sprue. I have no real use for three Bombers so I decided... Continue Reading →

A win by a narrow margin

Jeremy and I met up at The Sentry Box today for a 1000 point game of Beyond the Gates of Antares. He had his Concord force, with his newly completed Combat Drone, and I brought an Isorian army that focused on a Tsan Ra assault force. Originally I was going to bring my Ghar Rebel... Continue Reading →

Ghar Rebel and Isorian WIP

As the day of the Boot Camp draws nearer I am working on more miniatures to add to my Ghar Rebel and Isorian armies. Just a few more highlights to do and then some weathering. I will need to pick up some Astrogranite Debris to finish off the bases for the Ghar Rebel models.

More Antares minis done

A bit of work this weekend and I have expanded my Antares forces. Not sparkling quality but certainly done and ready to get onto the table. Next on the table are a unit of Ghar Assault Suits, a unit of Attack Scutters and two light Plasma Drones. Hopefully I'll have those done by the end... Continue Reading →

This is going to be trouble

So Fantasy Flight Games announced the Clone Wars edition of their Star Wars Legion miniature game. I was utterly disinterested in the original Legion game when it was announced and I continue to be uninterested. I suspect that the biggest issue is that the Rebel forces really don't have that many interesting units and are... Continue Reading →

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