Facebook organic reach is BS

A lot of companies and small businesses have Pages on Facebook that they use to communicate and engage with customers. The idea seems simple. People Like your Page and get Notifications that appear in their Facebook News Feed when you post. The reality is quite a ways off from this and we recently had a... Continue Reading →


Mage Wars forum bbcode

The Mage Wars game by Arcane Wonders allows players to create spellbooks from several hundred spell cards. The Mage Wars forum allows fans to discuss the game and as part of that Arcane Wonders wants a way to display card data inside the forums. Their forum software solution is SMF which makes it quite easy... Continue Reading →

The worst time to be a developer

Probably the worst part of doing software development is the testing period. You work for ages to create an application and then people get their hands on it and you spend weeks having total strangers tell you that your work isn't good enough, has bugs, doesn't have a proper UX etc, etc. I generally hate... Continue Reading →

Zero indexing

One thing that I have never understood about some computer languages is the zero indexing of lists, strings, arrays etc. The oddness of this can be seen quite readily in Python. If we define an array >>> a = [1,3,6,9] and then get the first index we have to reference it as item 0 >>>... Continue Reading →

For some reason…

For some reason I appear to be taking the weekend to teach myself Python. Not sure why. Google has a nice set of introductory tutorials for the language.

Applescript is my enemy

One of the things I need to do for the current project with Arcane Wonders is to take a large amount of Excel data and turn it into HTML. In the past I would have done this sort of thing in Director and built a quick Lingo function to read in some CSV data and... Continue Reading →

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