Soul Wars comments

The Age of Sigmar Soul Wars starter has been released today and as part of our Tale of Three Warlords project I picked up all of the new releases. We got the Soul Wars starter, Malign Sorcery box and the four ‘Easy To Build’ releases. I have the General’s Handbook coming but as the Warlord Edition so its not yet been delivered to the store.

The Soul Wars starter comes with the Stormcast and Nighthaunt figures, a hardcover rulebook, dice, ruler, Warscroll cards, and several background books and the core rules. The models are all push-fit figures and go together quite easily. The figures are really top-notch and the Nighthaunt figures are otherworldly. What is really exceptional is the sheer amount of gaming material that comes in the set. The hardcover rulebook has the core 18 pages of rules and includes a bounty of fluff and background (finally!) as well as generic Allegiance Abilities, and special rules for each of the eight Mortal Realms.

The Malign Sorcery book expands on this by adding a new set of spells for each Realm. The Malign Sorcery set was a surprise since it contains a ton of background, new spells for each Realm as well as the Endless spells. Add this to the scenario rules and battleplans and you have an enormous number of options without even picking up the General’s Handbook.┬áMagic clearly makes up a significant number of those options, at least without the General’s Handbook, but its nice to see that GW is making an effort to expand what options players have to change up the game.



Facebook organic reach is BS

A lot of companies and small businesses have Pages on Facebook that they use to communicate and engage with customers. The idea seems simple. People Like your Page and get Notifications that appear in their Facebook News Feed when you post. The reality is quite a ways off from this and we recently had a post on The Sentry Box Facebook Page that illustrated that quite nicely.

The store manager, Greg, posted a link to a video of someone doing a rapid-fire archery demonstration. This video is utterly unrelated to what the store does but it is a bit of fun. That link reached 94% of our fans. I’ve replaced the actually reach numbers with percentages for this discussion.


Greg’s comment is inadvertently accurate. The reach of this post is insane.

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An update

So its been a while since I posted and also a while since I was able to game regularly. I’ve picked up some evening shifts at Sentry Box as well as doing demos for the store so my available free time has been cut rather dramatically. I have been doing a bit of painting and recently finished five Chaos Dwarfs, nine Hobgoblins and an Ogre. I have some High Elf figures that I am in the midst of painting and will post some photos once I get them based.

I have been reading the Federation Commander rulebook and the Tactics Manual a fair bit. I am hoping to play the game more and so I’m trying to make sure that I have the rules down and also have a better grasp of the basic tactics for the game.

Finally, my Wave 2 shipment of Rivet Wars figures came in recently so I spent a bit of time unpacking and organizing it. I’m planning on running a “mega battle” at Sentry Box using the additional tiles I bought and as many of the figures as I can. The idea being to have a day long battle running that people can drop in and out of.

Michelle and I also managed to play a few games of Ascension. I think she was actually surprised by how much she liked it. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab the full game, we’re using the Apprentice Set, and have a few more games of it as I rather like the game and Michelle doesn’t seem to mind it.

Clearing off the gaming table

After dragging my terrain and figures to Sentry Box for a few games I decided to move some of my painting supplies and fixtures to a different table so I can clear off my 4′ x 8′ table and start to use it for games. It was originally my gaming table when we were in Vancouver but when we moved to Calgary it, for a series of different reasons, primarily became a storage space and then a place for my painting table.

It is one thing though to bring down a small number of figs to Sentry Box and use the terrain there for a game and its quite another to drag down a full Bolt Action army and two boxes of terrain for a game. So my painting station has been moved to my work table (which doesn’t get used for work a lot to be honest) and I am in the process of cleaning off the rest of the detritus from the table so it will be clear to use for gaming.

This also means that it will be clear for other games but the aim is to make a space for Bolt Action and the other WWII games that I am planning on playing.

Return to Ravnica pre-release event

Wizards of the Coast has a series of pre-release events for the upcoming Return to Ravnica set for Magic the Gathering. I was originally planning on going to a midnight event at Sentry Box but I was far too sick with a cold to go on Friday and their Saturday event was also booked. Happily I was able to find some space at the two Sunday pre-release events at Revolution Games.
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Trading my 40K Orks

If you are interested in getting some very nicely painted 40K Orks then check out my latest post on Bartertown. I tried my best but my love of the 40K background and fluff is inversely proportional to the fun I have with the game. Which really does suck. I’ve had far more fun playing Warhammer Fantasy and Malifaux and so I am going to be concentrating on those games instead.

Another failed attempt to try to actually enjoy 40K.