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IHMN multiplayer scenario

Last Sunday the Skirmish Club at The Sentry Box ran a multiplayer scenario for In Her Majesty’s Name. The game was originally meant to be a 2v2 game with a group of Japanese soldiers and samurai attempting to defend a temple from being defiled by Western treasure hunters and their Mongol mercenary guards. Sadly both the Japanese players were not able to make it so I had to redo the scenario prior to set-up. Which was a shame as I had it set up so that each Company had an objective that would require them to betray their teammate. It would have been wonderfully madcap. We only had three players (I could have played but since I knew everyone’s objectives it wouldn’t be fair) so I reworked the scenario so it had three teams with differing objectives.

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In Her Majesty’s Name Week 3

Due to illness and work conflicts we didn’t get in any games last week but this week Joe, Keith and myself were joined by new player Greg for a few games. I had a ruined village table set up and we used it, with modifications, for several scenarios.

Joe had his Japanese Marine force but he removed his female mystic and added another sword wielding duelist and a machinegunner. Keith had his Mongol force again but changed it from Week 1 to add Terrifying to his Yeti and Fanatic to his dogs. He also gave the Yeti a custom weapon to give it more umph in close combat.

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In Her Majesty’s Name Week 1

Today was the first game day for The Sentry Box Skirmish Club’s six-week run of In Her Majesty’s Name. The crowd was a bit smaller today due to it being Easter Sunday and so there was only myself, Keith, Joe and Tom. Despite having two painted Companies I decided to use my IHMN Cephalyx. Keith had a company of Mongol horsemen accompanied by dogs and Yetis. Joe had a Japanese military force that was joined by a mystic female figure with Heartrending and Zone of Shadows and Tom had a small force of Ninjas built using some Malifaux figures. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to talk to Tom, as he had to run off after his first game, so I didn’t get more details of his force.

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Cephalyx for In Her Majesty’s Name

I have a quirky fondness for Privateer Press’ Cephalyx miniatures. They are entirely creepy but also have a wonderful background to them. I really don’t have any interest in playing Warmachine any more but with the Skirmish Club starting to play In Her Majesty’s Name I thought it might be fun to build a company based on the Cephalyx models. It also helps that I was able to pick up the Waraster Exulon Thexus and several of the Cephalyx Agitators for a very good price.

Here are the current stats I have.

The Hive Master is the Exulon Thexus miniature and the Warriors Drones are the Agitators. The Drones are the Drudge figures while the Flock Master is the Mind Bender. Those are just placeholder names while I write out the background for the company.

The Hive Master will be a close combat beast but will also use Mesmerism to turn my opponent’s low Pluck models against them. Resonant Touch with Duelist and the high FV should meant that the Hive Master can work his way though most models if it can get into CC. The Drones will be used to tie up figures, aided by the Flock Master using Harden, until the Warrior Drones can get in to attack them.

No idea how this will work but I have the models assembled and I will be trying them out on Sunday. I have two painted Companies but I am going to start a new one… for reasons that escape me :-)


Imperial Skies

As a prime example of why Facebook really fails at its core task, I present to you the Imperial Skies games. It is a joint project between Robin Fitton, who wrote the Grunts 15mm rules, and Brigade Models who have been producing 2mm scale Aeronef VSF vessels for some time.

Despite the fact that I know several of the backers and several people that are fans of the page for the game and Brigade Models I didn’t get any indication via Facebook that this game exists and I only stumbled across it after reading a post on the wonderful Tabletop Fix blog (which is probably the best tabletop miniature news site around now). Facebook 0 TTF 1.

I really love Aeronefs (even if I can’t paint them well) and I had several large fleets that never survived the grand purge that I made of my hobby collection when we moved to Calgary. I’ve looked at Brigade’s range of models from time to time but while I love the figures I have always been a bit lukewarm about the Aeronef rules. They always seemed a bit simple (well done mind you as Wessex Games produce good games) and Robin’s new take on the genre seems to have enough added material to give the vessels the feel they need.

I have to say that my opinion of the Aeronef rules would probably be much different now if I reread them as I have been getting into more streamlined rulesets as of late. So I will be starting a small fund to pick up two fleets and hopefully get them ready for the projected release of the rules in April.

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IHMN Dagonite Company

Danny and Palmer came over for a few games tonight and we took the opportunity to run a test game of In Her Majesty’s Name for Palmer. Danny only had his ├╝ber equipped Predator force with him and we didn’t think that it would be fair to have Palmer face them so I quickly put together a Company using my Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten Dagonite Cult.

We played on a partial section of the terrain that had been set up for our earlier Bolt Action game.

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IHMN Institut figures painted

In what is almost akin to a miracle for me, I managed to paint all the figures for my In Her Majesty’s Name company.


Eleven figures in total with two automatons, my Professor, his mechanic sidekick, and a set of Chausseurs to protect them in the field. The Chausseurs have an officer to guide them and a heavy Arc weapon for added punch.

The matte sealant I use for my figures failed me this time. It not only came out with a slight gloss but it also darkened the figures slightly. Looks like I won’t be using Krylon any more as while the slight shade isn’t an issue the added sheen is. I hate glossy figures.

This is the first set of figures I have painted in over four years. So they don’t look all that great but its a first step back into painting.

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Institut v. Ronin rematch

Danny and I met up today for a rematch game of In Her Majesty’s Name. I tweaked my company a bit based on our last game and gave Dr. Belliveu and Gaston an increased FV to help them last in close combat and also to reflect my idea of what Gaston the metal automaton is.


We played the King of the Hill scenario with the restaurant in centre of the table being the objective. We also used the Twilight scenario complication. It didn’t really come into effect that much as Danny really needs to get into close combat ASAP with his company.

I picked the side with the ruins to advance from hoping to use the ruins for cover from Danny’s single long range unit.
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Parcel in, miniatures out

My parcel from North Star Figures arrived today containing some Bolt Action/Chain of Command German figures as well as a pack of French Foreign Legion command figures for my IHMN company.

For my WWII German force I picked up an leIG 18 Infantry Gun, an 81mm mortar team and a pack of Panzerfaust/Panzerschrek figures from Artizan. All of the German minis were plagued by some serious flash which is a first for me for miniatures from Artizan. As well I had to try to figure out how the leIG 18 went together. It was obvious after fiddling with the parts for a bit but after being spoiled by PSC and Zveda with their numerous build instructions it was a bit disconcerting having to puzzle the model together.

I’ve left the leIG 18 gun assembled but not included on the base with the team to make it easier to paint both it and the infantry miniatures. That will also make it easier to sand the base and get it decorated before putting the gun back on.

Everything is assembled and based now and is just waiting to have some sane put on the bases and then primed. The weather took a turn for the worse recently with temperatures dropping below -10 again so I will have to wait a bit for a chance to prime the miniatures I have waiting to paint.

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IHMN game report: Institut v. Ronin

I met up with Danny at Sentry Box to play a game of In Her Majesty’s Name. I had my Institut pour la recherche et l’exploitation des technologies inconnues and Daniel had his Ronin company. This was Daniel’s first game and my second. It was my first game with a fuller set of figures on the table and I also had slightly better understanding of the rules.
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