Version 3 you say?

So a while ago Spartan Games collapsed under its own weight and the Dystopian Wars franchise was purchased by Warcradle Studios. The studio is owned by Wayland Games in the UK (an online retailer of games) and is known for producing the Wild West Exodus steampunk skirmish game. I've not played the game but it... Continue Reading →


IHMN multiplayer scenario

Last Sunday the Skirmish Club at The Sentry Box ran a multiplayer scenario for In Her Majesty's Name. The game was originally meant to be a 2v2 game with a group of Japanese soldiers and samurai attempting to defend a temple from being defiled by Western treasure hunters and their Mongol mercenary guards. Sadly both... Continue Reading →

In Her Majesty’s Name Week 3

Due to illness and work conflicts we didn't get in any games last week but this week Joe, Keith and myself were joined by new player Greg for a few games. I had a ruined village table set up and we used it, with modifications, for several scenarios. Joe had his Japanese Marine force but... Continue Reading →

In Her Majesty’s Name Week 1

Today was the first game day for The Sentry Box Skirmish Club's six-week run of In Her Majesty's Name. The crowd was a bit smaller today due to it being Easter Sunday and so there was only myself, Keith, Joe and Tom. Despite having two painted Companies I decided to use my IHMN Cephalyx. Keith... Continue Reading →

Cephalyx for In Her Majesty’s Name

I have a quirky fondness for Privateer Press' Cephalyx miniatures. They are entirely creepy but also have a wonderful background to them. I really don't have any interest in playing Warmachine any more but with the Skirmish Club starting to play In Her Majesty's Name I thought it might be fun to build a company... Continue Reading →

Imperial Skies

As a prime example of why Facebook really fails at its core task, I present to you the Imperial Skies games. It is a joint project between Robin Fitton, who wrote the Grunts 15mm rules, and Brigade Models who have been producing 2mm scale Aeronef VSF vessels for some time. Despite the fact that I... Continue Reading →

IHMN Dagonite Company

Danny and Palmer came over for a few games tonight and we took the opportunity to run a test game of In Her Majesty's Name for Palmer. Danny only had his ├╝ber equipped Predator force with him and we didn't think that it would be fair to have Palmer face them so I quickly put... Continue Reading →

IHMN Institut figures painted

In what is almost akin to a miracle for me, I managed to paint all the figures for my In Her Majesty's Name company. Eleven figures in total with two automatons, my Professor, his mechanic sidekick, and a set of Chausseurs to protect them in the field. The Chausseurs have an officer to guide them... Continue Reading →

Institut v. Ronin rematch

Danny and I met up today for a rematch game of In Her Majesty's Name. I tweaked my company a bit based on our last game and gave Dr. Belliveu and Gaston an increased FV to help them last in close combat and also to reflect my idea of what Gaston the metal automaton is.... Continue Reading →

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