New Year’s painting table

The new year has begun and there are some new minis on the painting table. The first is a general for my upcoming Chaos Warmaster army. The model is part of a set of Chaos miniatures I picked up at a bitz sale at Imaginary War a few years ago. I just need to do... Continue Reading →


Ghar Rebel plans

So I have a solid core of 1000 points painted for my Ghar Rebel force. I have a few things that I want to add to it before I take a break from them and concentrate on another army.  I have an Ammo Scutter that is almost finished. Despite having it I have no rolled... Continue Reading →

The pornography of dice

I have been watching quite a few video battle reports lately and almost every one is filmed using a single handheld camera. There are some negatives to this, primarily the camera shake and quick movement effects, but one that I wouldn't have thought of is the tight focus shot of rolled or rolling dice that... Continue Reading →

What every battle report vlogger needs to know

I have been watching a lot of video battle reports lately. Well trying to watch them. Some videos are great but the majority are simply unwatchable. Most people who posts videos make a series of easily corrected mistakes that could easily increase their audience and make their videos much more watchable. Buy a proper microphone... Continue Reading →

A funny thing.

So I have this to-do list that I use to keep myself motivated in my hobby doings. I have done this in the past and it hasn't been very successful but this time I have noticed that I am actually completing tasks before I even add them to the list. This is unusual in the... Continue Reading →

Picking a faction

Picking a faction in any game is often a problem. One can go with the faction that has the best looking models, the coolest in-game effects or just the one that grabs your attention. So lets take a look at the factions in Beyond the Gates of Antares and examine their strong points. My path... Continue Reading →

3 fun things about Gates of Antares

At my local gaming store we are in the process of beginning a 'slow grow' league for Beyond the Gates of Antares. BtGA is a 30mm sci-fi miniature game from Warlord Games written by everyone's favourite gaming uncle Rick Priestly. The game was released a few years ago with a small amount of fanfare and... Continue Reading →

To-dos done

Just realised that I had manage to finish assembling the Forge Father and Iron Ancestor models for Deadzone so I was able to mark those off the To-Do List. I did a trade this week for some 15mm Battlefront Lee models so I added those to the list. They will be done as Lend Lease... Continue Reading →

Deadzone Forge Guard

There are miniatures that are good looking and miniatures that are easy to build. Sometimes you are lucky and a set of models will be both. Such is not the case for the Deadline/Warpath Forge Guard minis. There is so much to like about them. They have great weapons, bags of character and look fearsome.... Continue Reading →

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