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Well that was a long wait

So it has been a while since I have posted on the blog. A large part of that has to do with not really having a lot of time for any games or hobby related activity. I have been trying to do more in the past month but compared to June I have not really done much except assemble a lot of figures. Building minis has been something that has been easy to slip into my schedule and I also find it quite relaxing. So my gaming table is covered with assembled but unpainted Chaos, Deathwatch and Genestealer Cult figures. While I might not think that 40K is a very good game GW does make some excellent minis and their recent boxed games have proved an exceptional value (at least compared to buying the figures in boxed sets). And certainly if all you want to do is build figures, you can’t go wrong with GW plastics.

I assembled enough minis to build up some decent forces for Kill Team using either the GW rules or the Heralds of Ruin rules. Even if I don’t get in a single game I have enough between assembly and painting to keep me busy for quite a while. That said, the store I work at will be having a Kill Team event on the 19th so I am going to madly try to paint a Deathwatch force for the event. I suspect that I won’t be able to get them fully painted but I am going to try my best.

I have also been up some other hobby related activities but I will save those for a subsequent post.

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The GW Death Spiral

Quite a lot of gleeful nattering has been going on in the far corners of the internet with the news that Games Workshop’s stock price dropped 24% is a single day after disappointing sales results.

GW price drop

The folks at Masterminis also followed up a few days later with news of GW firing the staff and closing regional GW HQs, like GW Germany, and also starting to look at the performance of their retail outlets.

This is a pretty standard reaction for the Games Workshop management. They have been slowly paring the company down for more than a decade now and it was inevitable that they would inevitably get to the point where they had no games to cut and instead starting slicing away at the meat of the company.
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Dreading Star Wars

We finished watching The Empire Strikes back with the twins tonight. Lots of sad eyes at the end which is understandable given that the movie is not a happy one.

We are going to be viewing the movies in the Machete Order as I think that it presents the movies in the best manner and also makes Return of the Jedi have a more nebulous beginning.
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A letter to the CBC

My least favourite moments of As It Happens are Jeff Douglas’ ruinous attempts to deliver a pun, or heavens forbid, an entire joke. Jeff is not funny. He is sadly not even so deficient in humour that his attempts at it generate the odd laugh. No, Jeff is a humourous void. A dark place that strips any mirth or jocularity from every possible utterance turning the merest joke into a horrible verbal train wreck. I can’t tell if it is his delivery or if perhaps Jeff isn’t truly human and is a vessel for dark eldritch forms from beyond this world. Whatever the reason, he shouldn’t be allowed to tell a joke in public. Or perhaps even in private.

I have not written to mention this in the past because I actually like Jeff’s speaking style and interviewing. The moments of teeth-gnashing discomfort that often accompany the beginning and ends of the show when Jeff attempts to deliver, what in other hands would be, a groaner of a pun or clever turn of phrase are, many times, reconciled by his calm and measured delivery of headlines and news. If it means that, across Canada, one or two listeners daily are sent into gastric distress or mad hallucinations by Jeff’s unique style of “humour” then that is the price we must all bear. Or at least I thought so.

Today though was different. After talking about the announcement of a Monty Python reunion Jeff attempted to riff on the Argument Sketch that had just been recently played on your show. It is distressing enough to listen to Jeff punish and torture the material that the CBC staff writes for him but I have to draw the line at Jeff taking the warm recollections of a wonderful Monty Python sketch and turning it into something horrible and deeply wrong.

In the immortal words of Delbert Onglow, “Please make it stop”.

World War Z

Had a chance to take in World War Z the other night and I think it is difficult to find a movie so uneven in its pacing than this. The movie flies by through its first two-thirds until the end when the movie’s climax is a scene involving Brad Pitt and a group of medical works slowly and quietly walking through a medical building. It is the antithesis of an action movie with the movie starting out with almost immediate action and then blasting through to the end where you want to go to sleep.

Brad Pitt’s character actually nods off at one point in the climax.

This is then followed up with a short VO sequence in which we are told that the war is only just beginning and that the story isn’t really over. While this ending wasn’t as disappointing as the end of the Amtrak Wars series it really made me wonder why the movie didn’t explore that upcoming battle more instead of ending on such a weak point.

Pretty much everything after his plane crashes on the way to Cardiff was really not very interesting and certainly a hell of a letdown after seeing Jerusalem overrun so quickly and thoroughly moments before.

Quite a disappointing end to a great movie.


Microsoft FUD

It appears that Microsoft are even bigger assholes than you thought.

Fun Illustrator “feature”

I was just putting together some quick type samples today and ran into an interesting “feature” in Illustrator. Apparently there is now a View option that shows or hides the edges of text selections. The result of which is that if the Hide Edges option is set you won’t see a selection when you select text.

I am unsure who benefits from this but a quick search online shows just how many people thing this is a bug and have reported it as such. I struggle to think of how this was added to the application and even more puzzled as to why this was enabled by default.


A chance of location and focus

So the blog has, another, new home and with this change of location will come a change of focus.

For quite some time this blog has just focused on my gaming hobby and nothing else and with this new site that will change and there will be posts about my work, life, politics, and other things far from gaming. I will still be posting about gaming a lot but don’t be surprised to see the odd post about Canadian politics, WordPress, the joys of MySQL and other topics.

The current theme is a temporary one and I will be working on a new theme in the next few weeks to replace the default 2012 theme that comes with WordPress.


As part of my desire to be as a self-sufficient as possible in terms of my online endeavours, this blog is moving to a new home.

You can now get all of the latest posts at

No new content will be posted here.

Industry contacts and relationships

Sometimes you find yourself doing odd things and today I spent some time cleaning up my email Contacts. Its something I would recommend that everyone do from time to time because email clients and OSes have a tendency to add all sorts of odd contacts to your address book that you might not expect them to. And if you do a lot of work online and with various hosting companies you soon have a contact book filled with “Support” and info@ addresses that are of limited value in retaining.
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