Your Internet may vary

I recently made the decision to delete my Facebook account. I have been unhappy with the service for some time and a recent break from using it proved that I was actually happier not being on it. Far fewer arguments for one thing. In previous years there were quite a few local forums that one... Continue Reading →


Well that was a long wait

So it has been a while since I have posted on the blog. A large part of that has to do with not really having a lot of time for any games or hobby related activity. I have been trying to do more in the past month but compared to June I have not really... Continue Reading →

An update

So its been a while since I posted and also a while since I was able to game regularly. I've picked up some evening shifts at Sentry Box as well as doing demos for the store so my available free time has been cut rather dramatically. I have been doing a bit of painting and... Continue Reading →

Clearing off the gaming table

After dragging my terrain and figures to Sentry Box for a few games I decided to move some of my painting supplies and fixtures to a different table so I can clear off my 4' x 8' table and start to use it for games. It was originally my gaming table when we were in... Continue Reading →

The GW Death Spiral

Quite a lot of gleeful nattering has been going on in the far corners of the internet with the news that Games Workshop's stock price dropped 24% is a single day after disappointing sales results. The folks at Masterminis also followed up a few days later with news of GW firing the staff and closing... Continue Reading →

Dreading Star Wars

We finished watching The Empire Strikes back with the twins tonight. Lots of sad eyes at the end which is understandable given that the movie is not a happy one. We are going to be viewing the movies in the Machete Order as I think that it presents the movies in the best manner and... Continue Reading →

A letter to the CBC

My least favourite moments of As It Happens are Jeff Douglas' ruinous attempts to deliver a pun, or heavens forbid, an entire joke. Jeff is not funny. He is sadly not even so deficient in humour that his attempts at it generate the odd laugh. No, Jeff is a humourous void. A dark place that... Continue Reading →

World War Z

Had a chance to take in World War Z the other night and I think it is difficult to find a movie so uneven in its pacing than this. The movie flies by through its first two-thirds until the end when the movie's climax is a scene involving Brad Pitt and a group of medical... Continue Reading →

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