More tanks for Tanks

I have been playing the odd game of Tanks, from GF9, from time to time with one of my coworkers. Its a fun game with not a heck of a lot depth and its a great excuse to paint some 15mm WWII tanks and build some terrain. The game is clearly inspired by X-Wing and its actually quite a bit of fun but its not really a realistic game and it currently has a fairly limited number of available vehicles. GF9 is coming out with new vehicles each quarter but its quite a bit different than playing other games that come with a full set of stats for the entire war.

So I have been looking for a new set of rules to use that provides a similarly fun and fast set of rules but with an expanded number of vehicles that I can use. I’ve already been buying new 15mm tanks (as my to-do list will testify to) but haven’t settled on a set yet. One main contender is the What a Tanker! rules from Too Fat Lardies. I picked up the PDF a few weeks ago but haven’t managed to sit down and give them a play yet.


Blood Red Skies first experience

So I finally managed to get the planes from the Blood Red Skies starter set painted as well as some Soviet Yak fighters and the Soviet Ace pilot. I brought them down to The Sentry Box to run a few demo games. I only managed to get photos of the first game that was played. While the boxed set comes with German and British aircraft I picked up, and painted, a set of Soviet fighters so I could play some Eastern Front scenarios. So the first game had a force of six German BF 109s facing off against seven Yak 1 fighters including an Ace.

Before playing the game one is tempted to try to compare it to Wings of Glory. There are some majors differences between those games that really make comparing them difficult. Blood Red Skies has no preprogrammed movement (Yay!) and does away with elevation levels. In BRS each plane is determined to be at a particular advantage level (Advantage, Neutral and Disadvantaged) relative to the other planes in the combat and this determines who can fire as well as models the effects of diving to gain movement by gaining or removing advantage from planes. If you want to expend effort to move faster or manoeuvre your plane more than normal you have to trade this off by forgoing advantage. Activation is also done based on advantage and pilot quality so gaining movement in one turn means that you will activate later in the next turn.


Soviet Ace takes on a German Veteran

Wings of Glory also focuses on downing enemy plans. There are damage decks and effects are placed on planes that can hinder the ability of a plane to fight or perform maneouvres. In Blood Red Skies planes can certainly be shot down (but almost always only when they are Disadvantaged) but the main effort of the game is to place your opponent at disadvantage and to break the morale of the squadron and force them from the air.

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Heroes of Normandie game day

This Saturday The Sentry Box hosted a Heroes of Normandie game day. Over the course of the day we managed to get three full games in and chatted to a few people about the game.

The first game was played was with the Slaughterhouse (5) scenario from the box. In it, German and American forces are attempting to take control of a small house which is initially held by the Americans. Bryan and James played the scenario while I chatted with folks about the game system and checked out the rules when questions were raised. As much as I like the system, the rulebook is really poorly organized. Happily once you have the rules figured out you don’t need to refer to the rulebook any further since everything you need is on the unit tokens.

The first game quickly devolved into a mad clash for the house as James threw his Germans at the building as Bryan attempted to flank them and cut off the attacks. Grenades flew from both sides but some wildly poor rolls as well as quickly played random event cards meant that most of the grenade attacks were without effect. In the end the Americans wore the Germans down and the house remained in American hands to give them the win.

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Bolt Action: Hold Until Relieved

As part of our demo day at Sentry Box we ran a 1000pt Bolt Action game with my Germans and Palmer’s Americans. This was the largest game we have run yet and had the widest number of units and vehicles that we’ve used.


We played Hold Until Relieved with Palmer attacking and my Germans defending. The Hotel in the centre of the table was the objective for the game. Palmer was attacking from the right (in the photo above) and had placed his three infantry units in the two rightmost farm houses and in the orchard. I placed an MMG team in the upper floor of the Hotel and an infantry squad in the ruined church next to it.
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Just a quick post to show a photo of my 28mm Warlord StuG G. I’ve just done a pin wash on it and am cleaning up the wash before doing some further work.

StuG G

Warlord Games 28mm StuG G

I have the schurzen which I will also be attaching. Next up is some more cleaning and then a dry brush and then the camo. The photo is coming out a lot more yellow than it looks on my desktop. I blame the “natural” light bulbs.

On the painting table

I had a few hours to myself today so I managed to get some painting done. I started work on the leIG18 and crew as well as the StuG III G for my Bolt Action force. I also started work on PanO Military Order starter set. The StuG III is still in parts as I need to paint the tracks prior to attaching them (its just easier) and then the main body and schurzen need to be painted and then assembled once most of the work on the body has been completed.

Oddly I am finding the StuG less intimidating than the leIG18 crew. Something about having to get all the colours on the uniform correct is causing me to stress about painting them. The PanO figures are for the local Infinity Escalation league. I suspect that I will miss the first two weeks due to the twin’s soccer schedule but I want to attempt to keep up with the rest of the players so I don’t get too far behind.