Corsair Leader first impressions

I really didn't intend to buy Corsair Leader. While the genre is interesting and I am a fan of their solitaire games, it just wasn't anything that I had been looking for. I blame the neoprene mat. That and the AARs and videos that people have been posting. It just looked like a lot of... Continue Reading →


Warfighter WWII battle report

So after my first game of Warfighter I thought I would set up another game and write some notes about it as I played so I could write a battle report. I picked up the German and Polish expansion packs for the game and decided to use those to simulate an early war mission with... Continue Reading →

Warfighter WWII

Warfighter WWII box art I have a fondness for WWII tactical wargames. While I tend to post a lot about miniature gaming I also have a large(ish) library of wargames that I don't get to play as often as I like. There are games from the Panzer Grenadier series, the Nations at War Series¬†and as... Continue Reading →

More tanks for Tanks

I have been playing the odd game of Tanks, from GF9, from time to time with one of my coworkers. Its a fun game with not a heck of a lot depth and its a great excuse to paint some 15mm WWII tanks and build some terrain.¬†The game is clearly inspired by X-Wing and its... Continue Reading →

Blood Red Skies first experience

So I finally managed to get the planes from the Blood Red Skies starter set painted as well as some Soviet Yak fighters and the Soviet Ace pilot. I brought them down to The Sentry Box to run a few demo games. I only managed to get photos of the first game that was played.... Continue Reading →

Heroes of Normandie game day

This Saturday The Sentry Box hosted a Heroes of Normandie game day. Over the course of the day we managed to get three full games in and chatted to a few people about the game. The first game was played was with the Slaughterhouse (5) scenario from the box. In it, German and American forces... Continue Reading →

Bolt Action: Hold Until Relieved

As part of our demo day at Sentry Box we ran a 1000pt Bolt Action game with my Germans and Palmer's Americans. This was the largest game we have run yet and had the widest number of units and vehicles that we've used. We played Hold Until Relieved with Palmer attacking and my Germans defending.... Continue Reading →

Bolt Action Germans painted

I didn't have a chance to take photos before our game today so here are my completed StuG III G and the leIG18 team. Not entirely happy with the StuG but I learned a bit about painting the camouflage and weathering. Now on to some of the infantry.


Just a quick post to show a photo of my 28mm Warlord StuG G. I've just done a pin wash on it and am cleaning up the wash before doing some further work. I have the schurzen which I will also be attaching. Next up is some more cleaning and then a dry brush and... Continue Reading →

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