Final stretch

So with a few days left before our first Gates of Antares game day I am almost finished all of my Ghar. I am going to add grass tufts to the bases and then some gloss to the lenses after I finish coating the figures. The Flitter Bombs still need some work on them but they should be easy to finish off.


500 points of Ghar almost done

If I am going to get some Ironjawz painted then I need to finish the 500pts of Ghar that are sitting on my painting table. I have almost got them done. I just started the first step on the bases (a coat of Astrogranite Debris) and then I need to finish the many, many lenses on the models and weather the vehicles and support weapons. I am hoping that everything will be done by the 8th for our first game. I also need to get the bases ready for the Flitter Bombers.

I added a purple and green strip to the helmets so I could distinguish between the two squads. The models are identical so I need something to keep them apart since every list I have contains all 20 models.

I started the bases with GW’s Astrogranite Debris technical paint. I love the basing series they have. It speeds up the basing process so much and it makes it a lot easier to have consistent looking bases across an entire army.

Once these guys are done I have to build some Ironjawz and perhaps paint some more Samurai for Test of Honour.

A Tale of Three Warlords: Part 2

So the assembly continues. We didn’t get a lot of time to work today but Miss C. managed to finish her unit of Reapers and Miss N. finished the last two of the ‘ Easy To Build’ Sequitors.

The ‘Easy To Build’ figures are turning out to be a little more difficult for a first time gamer so Miss N. is a bit slower than her sister at getting units put together. They certainly do look good though and they are both having fun building.

I have got a part of my Ironjawz force and have just sorted through the sprues and will start to build a unit of Brutes first. The set of figures I got has nine Goar Gruntas already assembled so I just need to start building some infantry and heroes.

Soul Wars comments

The Age of Sigmar Soul Wars starter has been released today and as part of our Tale of Three Warlords project I picked up all of the new releases. We got the Soul Wars starter, Malign Sorcery box and the four ‘Easy To Build’ releases. I have the General’s Handbook coming but as the Warlord Edition so its not yet been delivered to the store.

The Soul Wars starter comes with the Stormcast and Nighthaunt figures, a hardcover rulebook, dice, ruler, Warscroll cards, and several background books and the core rules. The models are all push-fit figures and go together quite easily. The figures are really top-notch and the Nighthaunt figures are otherworldly. What is really exceptional is the sheer amount of gaming material that comes in the set. The hardcover rulebook has the core 18 pages of rules and includes a bounty of fluff and background (finally!) as well as generic Allegiance Abilities, and special rules for each of the eight Mortal Realms.

The Malign Sorcery book expands on this by adding a new set of spells for each Realm. The Malign Sorcery set was a surprise since it contains a ton of background, new spells for each Realm as well as the Endless spells. Add this to the scenario rules and battleplans and you have an enormous number of options without even picking up the General’s Handbook.┬áMagic clearly makes up a significant number of those options, at least without the General’s Handbook, but its nice to see that GW is making an effort to expand what options players have to change up the game.


A Tale of Three Warlords: Part 1

About a month ago I was looking over the new Age of Sigmar Soul Wars boxed set and the twins checked out the figures and expressed an interest in perhaps painting them and learning to play. While I was slightly interested in the figures myself, the Nighthaunts look great, I wasn’t planning on picking up the Soul Wars starter until the girls decided that it would be a fun project.

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Ghar painting update

So work continues on the first part of my Ghar Rebel army. I have most of the base colours on and have added some washes to the skin, cloaks and spider parts. Sadly that appears to be the easy part. I now have to paint the lenses and the weapon energy sources. There are a lot of them.

Hopefully I will have them ready for July 8th which is the first game day.

Test of Honour demo day

So today was the Test of Honour demo day at the store and it certainly generated quite a lot of interest. In fact I would say that it easily had the most interested gamers of anything we have demoed in the store in several years. And not only interest from miniature gamers but also from people who hadn’t previously played a tabletop miniature game.

We had two tables set up and Kris was running introductory demos at his table and I was running 21 and 24 point battles for players that either already had the game or who wanted a more in-depth experience with the game. I ran some people through a game with a 21pt Bandit force taking on my Samurai and Monks and then had a 24pt game with Mike who had brought his very well painted Samurai force. Continue reading →