GW Shades

I have always approached GW’s paint range with a bit of a sceptical mindset. The company has had a poor track record of delivering on their marketing hype and their paints, in the past, have been pretty much standard paint but at a higher price. And in those horrible pots.

I recently stumbled over a tutorial on how to quickly and easily paint Horus Heresy Imperial Fists and part of the process they describe requires the GW shade Agrax Earthshade. I picked up some of the paints I need but I thought that I had already purchased a pot of Agrax Earthshade. Sadly I did not and I decided to use some Army Painter Soft Tone in its place. The Soft Tone worked but it was quite difficult to keep the wash in the recesses and it tended to cover more of the miniature than I wanted. Especially when the next step involved using a shade over top of the pre-shading. I did two models and then put them aside.

Luckily I was at work the next day and picked up the required Agrax Earthshade. What a difference it made. The shade flowed into the recesses of the model quite easily and appears to have a higher surface tension than Soft Tone and so it also stays there. With a good brush it was much easier to do the pre-shading and even I was able to make it look quite good. I can’t speak for the rest of the paints but the shades appear to be an excellent product and quite worth checking out.


Warhammer 30K

What I have really begun to dive into lately are the Horus Heresy rules from Forge World. Previously the game was wildly expensive as every single model was only available from FW in resin. Add the exchange and shipping and it made assembling even a small force a pipe dream. Or at least a pipe dream for me. I’ve seen plenty of blogs posts and battle reports replete with FW vehicles and models so clearly someone has the coin to pick those kits up.

With the release of the Betrayal at Calth and the Burning of Prospero boxed sets the entry price for the game has plummeted (again compared to Forge World prices). I have picked up enough plastic Marines (MKIV and MKIII armour), Terminators and other models to easily assemble a 1500pt force. Forge World has also changed the timeline for the current 40K vehicles to allow many of them to be used in Horus Heresy games. Which means that you can use current plastic Rhinos in your force even thought the Deimos Pattern Rhino is a delightful mix of old-school design and modern manufacturing. Continue reading →

Warhammer 30K

Forge World released another in a series of rather lacklustre video teasers today to announce what is, to me and probably a lot of people, a very exciting project; the Horus Heresy.

Horus Heresy

I’ve included a link to the video but really there isn’t any reason to view it. The first book is due in Autumn 2012 and aside from that FW is not releasing any official details.

I am giddy as a school-girl about this. My hope is that the books examine the forces involved as the Heresy progresses showing the effect of the war as well as the corrupting influence of Chaos as the battle drags on. But in either case I will be getting the books no matter what and assuredly building a force for this project.

I am torn as to which Legion to build an army for. There are so many great Legions, great stories and great characters that it will be difficult to pick one. My initial thought is to do a World Eaters force but I suspect that painting that much white would ultimately prove difficult. The Alpha Legion is also an interesting idea since it will let me fight everyone :-) I will have to do some research and perhaps base my decision on which characters I like the most.

I am also quite chuffed that I still have a pile of 2nd Edition Marine vehicles (including an old metal Land Speeder) to use for this. The two plastic Rogue Trader Land Raiders will also come in handy :-)