Bolt Action: Hold Until Relieved

As part of our demo day at Sentry Box we ran a 1000pt Bolt Action game with my Germans and Palmer's Americans. This was the largest game we have run yet and had the widest number of units and vehicles that we've used. We played Hold Until Relieved with Palmer attacking and my Germans defending.... Continue Reading →


Bolt Action Germans painted

I didn't have a chance to take photos before our game today so here are my completed StuG III G and the leIG18 team. Not entirely happy with the StuG but I learned a bit about painting the camouflage and weathering. Now on to some of the infantry.


Just a quick post to show a photo of my 28mm Warlord StuG G. I've just done a pin wash on it and am cleaning up the wash before doing some further work. I have the schurzen which I will also be attaching. Next up is some more cleaning and then a dry brush and... Continue Reading →

On the painting table

I had a few hours to myself today so I managed to get some painting done. I started work on the leIG18 and crew as well as the StuG III G for my Bolt Action force. I also started work on PanO Military Order starter set. The StuG III is still in parts as I... Continue Reading →

Bolt Action demo game

Palmer and I spent Sunday at The Sentry Box running a demo of the Bolt Action WWII rules for some local gamers. We had four people who came to the store to check out that game with three of them playing and a fourth just watching and asking questions. The table was set up with... Continue Reading →

Clearing off the gaming table

After dragging my terrain and figures to Sentry Box for a few games I decided to move some of my painting supplies and fixtures to a different table so I can clear off my 4' x 8' table and start to use it for games. It was originally my gaming table when we were in... Continue Reading →

Bolt Action: Top Secret

Palmer and I met up at Sentry Box to play a 750pt Bolt Action game. I was hoping to have my StuG G at least primed and assembled for the game but was unable to get out to get some Dunkel Gelb primer. The Warlord StuG I picked up really needs to have the parts... Continue Reading →

Bolt Action action

Palmer and I met up at Sentry Box for another 500pt Bolt Action game. I brought out essentially the same force as our last game, as did Palmer, with the exception of substituting my mortar team for a flame-thrower team. We rolled the maximum Attrition scenario and set up the terrain to represent a small... Continue Reading →

Bolt Action demo game

Palmer dropped by the house today and we had a small, 500 pt, game of Bolt Action using my mostly unpainted Germans against Palmer's US troops. We played on my dining room table. I put a piece of cardboard from our heater on the table to make it a 4' x 5' area. Not big... Continue Reading →

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